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Building a Better World: Gender Equality is a Start

A balanced world is a better world. That’s the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day being commemorated today. The organizers ask us to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality to “forge a more

A Chilling Tale: Mennonite History and the Holocaust

The Mennonite kindergarten in Einlage, southeastern Ukraine, was a Nazi showpiece. WWII Nazi occupiers had gone door-to-door, categorizing inhabitants according to “genealogical and racial biological” criteria. One hundred and twenty-nine of the 10,000 kindergarten children deemed to have “German blood”

Belong to Yourself Before Community

For a micro-second after my crash I was stymied. By the time the dust had settled, I had a plan. While the Good Samaritan I flagged down drove me ninety-minutes to a hospital, I emailed the only person I could

Root Medicine: Good for What Ails You

root medicine

Think about medicine today and you’re likely to conjure up images of synthetic powders, pills, and serums. Even today, there’s resurgence in the use of root medicines, including turmeric, ginger, and licorice, to treat maladies like inflammation and digestive disorders.

Mennonites and Motorcycles, and Magic

Motorcycles and Mennonites merged at last weekend’s Calgary Motorcycle Show. Events like this connect you with community, culture, and others who share your interests. While you know you’ll rekindle old friendships, common bonds and shared roots quickly transform strangers into

On the Road Again

by Liz Jansen This weekend I’ll resume the motorcycle part of the journey that took an unexpected turn two years ago. At that time I was three weeks into a road trip I thought would last 12-18 months minimum, traveling

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A Grandmother’s Quilt

by Liz Jansen It’s close to 40 years ago that Oma gifted me with a finely hand-stitched quilt. Lime green on one side, tiny orange and pink flowers against a white background on the other, I didn’t know what I

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Wisdomkeepers—Book Review

by Liz Jansen “Just off the map, beyond the Interstates, out past the power lines and the shopping malls, up that little side road without a sign on it, lies the land of the Wisdomkeepers. Hidden from the mainstream of

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A Gift from the Past and a Lesson on Fear

by Liz Jansen The seas pitched and roiled as the SS Minnedosa steamed across the North Atlantic from London to Quebec City. Below deck, many passengers were confined to cramped quarters, too ill to even raise their head. On deck,

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