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Family and Fate: Honoring the Reimer Ancestors

Family and Fate

August 27 went as planned with a group of Reimer cousins meeting for lunch. Within moments of the shutter snapping for the après-lunch photo, everything changed. I’m in Vancouver on the Long Road Home Moto-Book Tour. The nearby city of

Lessons from the Road: Trust the Mystery

Five years ago I set out on a quest, seeking to answer who I was before I was told by my culture who I was. I was absolutely sure this calling was one I must answer by setting out on

Succumb or Surmount? Overcoming Fear

It’s no secret that fear grips me at the thought of riding down a gravel road. Even when the surface is relatively hard-packed, my mind races ahead to send me images of how conditions could become looser or deeper further

Dancing the Delicate Balance Between Will and Surrender

delicate balance

Photo on Visualhunt We’re taught that not knowing the answer is not a good thing. From first grade on, we’re marked on what we know. To surrender to the unknown, to accept there is more that we can’t explain than

A Chilling Tale: Mennonite History and the Holocaust

The Mennonite kindergarten in Einlage, southeastern Ukraine, was a Nazi showpiece. WWII Nazi occupiers had gone door-to-door, categorizing inhabitants according to “genealogical and racial biological” criteria. One hundred and twenty-nine of the 10,000 kindergarten children deemed to have “German blood”