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Clouds, Mountains, and Heeding the Call of Nature

The clouds got me first. They mesmerized and drew me in as they shapeshifted around the peaks of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Set against a clear blue sky, it was Nature at her best. I’ve been on the road again this

12 Ways to Respond to the Call of the Unknown

call of the unknown

We’ve all been there. We hear the call of the unknown but there are too many reasons why we can’t do it. How do we get started? We tell ourselves life isn’t so bad and we should be content with

Caught Speeding: Traveling Through Life at 65

As of yesterday, I’ve walked this earth sixty-five years! Without question, it’s the most significant milestone ever. It beats turning fifty, a year into my new life as a self-employed single person. Half a lifetime of trying to adapt to

What’s in A Name? Five Women Called Elizabeth Jansen

A recent social event included a few people I hadn’t met. “This is Liz Jansen,” said the host, introducing me to a woman sitting at the end of a sofa. “Ah, Jansen,” she said. “Danish!” “Right.” Names tell us much

How We Can Learn About Joyful Living from the Dying

joyful living

Death has been on my mind a lot lately. Not because I sense mine is imminent, but it’s all around. And it’s teaching me about joyful living. Last week I attended a celebration of life for friends’ thirty-five-year-old daughter. Earlier

The Awe of Travel and Mystery of Life

by Liz Jansen According to the calendar, this year’s road trip, at just over five weeks, was the shortest extended (more than three week) journey I’ve taken. That didn’t diminish the intensity or the insights. My intent was to get

7 Things to Start Doing For Yourself

by Liz Jansen About the time I got my first bicycle, I got my first paid job — picking strawberries on our farm. I could keep what I earned but I had to buy my clothes. Early on, I learned