Caught Speeding: Traveling Through Life at 65

Caught Speeding: Traveling Through Life at 65
life at 65

As of yesterday, I’ve walked this earth sixty-five years! Without question, it’s the most significant milestone ever.

It beats turning fifty, a year into my new life as a self-employed single person. Half a lifetime of trying to adapt to roles that didn’t fit (and convince myself they did) drained my life energy. After years of professional consultations, I left a twenty-five-year marriage and long-term corporate career (in that order) for the road less traveled.

My sixtieth was also monumental. In what can only be described as my soul’s calling, I set out on a quest to understand who I was before being told who I was. I wanted to understand how my cultural conditioning had shaped my beliefs, life choices, and world view. Expecting to be gone up to eighteen months, I divested myself of home and material possessions, only to crash three weeks later.

The phenomenal and life-enriching experiences of those years have led me to yet another threshold where I’m crossing into more of the unknown.

I’m learning to follow the call of my heart, tempered slightly by my mind. No longer are my choices influenced by what others may think of me. Or more accurately, what I think others think.

Life has taught me to let go of expectations and over planning and be open to the magic life delivers when I stay out of my own way. I couldn’t possibly orchestrate the events that unfold when I do.

In his dying days, Dad taught me to be fearless and trust. It’s the greatest legacy he could have left. While that wisdom is applicable to any stage of life, it’s even more meaningful as I lean into the unknown.

My heart is full of gratitude for my health, the amazing people in my life, and the opportunities I enjoy. I am privileged to live in a land of freedom and abundance through no doing of my own.

Most of all, the years have taught me that life is precious and every moment—and action—counts. The impact of my choices on nature factors into every decision I make.
I aim to treat the earth and all living things as I treat myself, because we’re all connected.

I honor the past for the lessons it’s taught me (even when they have to be repeated) and prepare for the future by savoring the present. Life is precious. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Death is certain.

I had toyed with the idea of an extended motorcycle trip/book tour this year to coincide with the release of Crash Landing. For a variety of reasons, it wasn’t practical but until this week, I hadn’t replaced it. I’ve dealt with migraines most of my life. As painful and disruptive as they can be, they’ve also opened up creative ideas and insights.

Tossing and turning with the remnants of one this week, it dawned on me that I need to get out on the road, even if it’s not the way I envisioned. I’m sixty-five, love the open road, and am physically and mentally able to ride. How much longer will I be able to do that? One year? Five? Ten? Thirty – like Gloria Struck? I hope so, but who knows?

Most of my work, including freelance writing and working with energy-medicine clients is delivered online. I’ve designed it purposely so it’s location independent.

Motorcycling is a gift and a major way through which I can serve my purpose. It energizes me and fuels my creativity. I meet amazing people and discover amazing opportunities. It enables me to be of greatest service.

Life is fleeting. Sixty-five years have passed in a flash and I’m told time only seems to move faster. All the more reason to make each moment count.

What am I waiting for?

After summer’s heat has passed, I’ll get on Trudy and we’ll head out, destination and timing yet to be determined.

It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities I can’t even imagine. That I’m stepping into the unknown is nothing new. We always are – we just think we have control over what’s happening in our world.

If life at 65 has taught me anything, it’s to listen to my heart and follow my intuition. Nothing is guaranteed except this moment. Make the most of it.

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Author, writer, student and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

14 Comments on “Caught Speeding: Traveling Through Life at 65

  1. I have loved reading your mental ramblings and have received much joy because of that. I to as a lot of people have done of late made life changes that are great. Spiritually and mentally I have accepted me for me. Please keep writing.

  2. Happy Birthday Liz. Safe & Fun Adventures on your year ahead. Keep writing and getting curious. You are an inspiration. xo Nanc

  3. Happy birthday Liz! I came across your blog recently and am enjoying the peace your posts bring. All the best. Theresa

  4. Happy birthday for yesterday Liz. I’ve recently come back to motorcycling but have found myself to be rather cowardly and lacking in confidence. It was my 61st on Monday too so that may have something to do with it. I have been reading your articles, and they are really helping me. Many thanks Liz.

    • Happy Birthday to you too Sue! I’m glad you’re enjoying my articles.

      Have you ever thought that your return to motorcycling has taken great courage? Low confidence is natural, healthy, and a survival mechanism if you’ve been away from it for a while. Your confidence will grow with practice. If you’d have questions you’d like to run by me, email me. I’m happy to answer them for you.

      Congratulations on your big step!

  5. Liz I love your writings, insights, riding experiences so your being only 65 I hope you get on the road and receive all the inspiration the travel gives you. At 82 I can say you are young!!

    • Thanks Mary. It goes by so fast though – and you know about speed more than anyone! 🙂 Increasingly I ask myself, “What are you waiting for?”