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How to Find the Right Motorcycle Gear: Talk to an Expert

I’ve been on the hunt for the right motorcycle gear. My Gore-Tex suit, riding boots, and gloves have served me extremely well, but they’re worn out. The jacket and pants are no longer waterproof even when treated, boots take on

12 Tips for Riders During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

by Liz Jansen May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Many campaigns have been designed to alert automobile drivers to our presence on the road. That all helps, but safety has to start with me. The rider. I can’t abdicate that

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10 More Reasons Motorcycles Tip Over

by Liz Jansen One of the most frequently read blog posts on my website is 10 Things to Do With a Dropped Motorcycle. I published it in 2012 and it’s still getting comments. Published a week later and still highly

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Motorcycle Riding in Hot Weather

Great hot-weather riding info here posted with permission from  For more detail, click on any of the infographics. Source: Blog

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8 Steps to Get Your Motorcycle Gear Ready for Spring

by Liz Jansen If you’re like me, I squeeze as much season as possible out of autumn and by the time I’m stopped, daylight is short and the temperatures quite chilly. I’m pretty good at winterizing my motorcycle; less so

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10 Steps for a Spring Motorcycle Checkup

by Liz Jansen Updated for Spring 2016 After having your motorcycle in hibernation for the winter, getting out for that first ride is one of the most anticipated rites of spring. But before you do, there are three things to do:

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Motorcycle News You Can Use | Sept 26 to Oct 2

by Liz Jansen This weekend I’m leaving for 5-6 weeks on the road. While I won’t be riding the entire time, I’m putting on significant mileage. Top 10 Tools to Take Touring was an excellent reminder, especially since I’m getting

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Motorcycle News You Can Use | Sept 19-25

by Liz Jansen Motorcycle Art, Photography, Gasoline Additives, Taking a Hit and Fun on Small cruisers are the chosen posts for this week’s Motorcycle News You Can Use. Photographing Motorcycles Parked in Front of Places captures turning points, in roads

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Motorcycle News You Can Use – Sept 12-18

by Liz Jansen This week’s Motorcycle News You Can Use covers the whimsical to the practical. Take a trip down memory lane with riders and motorcycles who were considered hot in their day. Then, prepare to see the new motorcycle emoji on

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Sept. 5-11, 2015

by Liz Jansen This week’s News You Can Use takes us touring via video on a Ladies First tour of Italy’s Tuscan region, courtesy of Motorcycle Mag’s Tricia Szulewski. View it with caution—you might just get some ideas for next

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