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Open Your Gifts and Make a Difference

by Liz Jansen When I was a child, I became known in family circles for my piano talents. Lessons started at age six, from Miss Pearl Latcham, an elegant woman who sat erect, her silver, coiffed hair held precisely in place

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10 More Reasons Motorcycles Tip Over

by Liz Jansen One of the most frequently read blog posts on my website is 10 Things to Do With a Dropped Motorcycle. I published it in 2012 and it’s still getting comments. Published a week later and still highly

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9 Motorcycle Rites of Spring

by Liz Jansen While Trudy, my motorcycle, is still in hibernation, the calendar has transitioned to spring. While many of you are already riding, it’s still a little early in some areas. I’m in no rush. Rather, I’m savoring this

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Overcoming Fear with an Off Road Riding Course

by Liz Jansen I was terrified even before I got on the 125cc Yamaha TTR at the mid-week off road riding course. Six years earlier I’d gone over the handlebars and shattered my shoulder at this very place. Last year,

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20 Riders Talk about Skills Training

by Liz Jansen As spring approaches, thoughts turn to riding – and training. I’m an advocate of regular, at least annual, skills training. We can never know enough when it comes to safety skills and it’s important to keep our

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