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Learning How to Live from Being With the Dying

by Liz Jansen In my last post, I talked about infinite possibilities and having priorities rearranged by events beyond our control. I’m grateful to have taken time to spend with my dad in what would be his last days. No

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How to Ride a Motorcycle Across the Country in One Step

by Liz Jansen In 2003, at age 49, I walked away from a 25-year marriage and a long-term corporate career. What’s a motorcycle rider to do when faced with open-ended time off during the summer? Go for an extended ride,

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Crash Recovery a.k.a. Change Management 101

by Liz Jansen Recently I was interviewed by Adventure Rider Radio about Crash Recovery. It’s not something I’d expected to be known for. We were talking motorcycles but what impressed me yet again as I listened to my conversation with

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Going Down Stairs

by Liz Jansen In my dream, I was going down stairs from the upper to ground level in an open concept home. Wooden beams supported the peaked ceiling and the entire wall, from peak to ground was glass, allowing the

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Parting Words From a Friend

by Liz Jansen Terry returned to spirit form on October 15, 2015, two months after his diagnosis. Those of us who knew him are better off for having shared a portion of our earthly journey with him. We feel profound loss and sadness,

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Remembrance Day

by Liz Jansen Today on Remembrance Day 2014, we pay special tribute to all those who have served our countries in the military. Their sacrifices, courage and patriotism have given us the way of life we enjoy today. We will

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16 Tips from a New Rider on Group Touring

by Liz Jansen Sharon Hunt started riding in April 2013. This year, she booked a trip to Alaska with MotoQuest Tours —her first group tour. After listening to Kevin Hagerty’s interview on the Wheels to Wisdom podcast, Sharon offered to

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Setting Free the Past to Open the Future

by Liz Jansen I met Abigail twenty-two years ago at an SPCA foster home in rural Ontario. My husband and I were looking for our little Mickey who had disappeared and there she was, a little tortoiseshell kitten sharing a

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10 Reasons to Throttle Up

by Liz Jansen A motorcycle’s throttle is the device that controls the flow of fuel and air into the engine, thereby controlling the power. Learn to throttle up! Understanding throttle control means understanding power. Your throttle is your friend. Lose

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Overcoming Fear with an Off Road Riding Course

by Liz Jansen I was terrified even before I got on the 125cc Yamaha TTR at the mid-week off road riding course. Six years earlier I’d gone over the handlebars and shattered my shoulder at this very place. Last year,

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