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On the Road Again

by Liz Jansen This weekend I’ll resume the motorcycle part of the journey that took an unexpected turn two years ago. At that time I was three weeks into a road trip I thought would last 12-18 months minimum, traveling

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A Grandmother’s Quilt

by Liz Jansen It’s close to 40 years ago that Oma gifted me with a finely hand-stitched quilt. Lime green on one side, tiny orange and pink flowers against a white background on the other, I didn’t know what I

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Going Carless

by Liz Jansen Winter in small-town Ontario isn’t typically the time to experiment with going carless. Not when motorcycle transportation is generally out of the question for at least a few months. But I’ve decided to try it. Now that

Looping Back to Ontario

by Liz Jansen This week I arrived back in Orangeville, Ontario, after a four-day road trip across much of Canada, from Calgary, Alberta. I’ve settled into temporary quarters in a cozy cabin while I search for somewhere to overwinter and heal.

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10 Gifts for Healing

by Liz Jansen Two weeks and two days ago, while riding through rural Alberta on a lovely late summer day, my plans changed. I was headed for Blackfoot Crossing and Namaka, the farming community where my dad spent most of

Change in Plans

My office view for six days—the majestic Rocky Mountains—from a hospital bed in Calgary. A change in plans. I know that there are two plans for each day: my plan and Spirit’s plan. Sometimes they match; sometimes they don’t. This

7 Challenges of Life on the Road

With two and a half weeks on the road, I’m still getting my road legs under me. Already I’ve met wonderful people, had amazing experiences, and taken new roads through exceptional beauty. Still it’s a period of big adjustment. These

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Black Hills to Medicine Mountain

by Liz Jansen Yesterday marked the end of my visit with author Ed McGaa, (Eagle Man), author of multiple books on Native Spirituality and Earth Wisdom. Introduced to his book Nature’s Way earlier this year, I knew immediately that I

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From Crazy Horse

by Liz Jansen This week my motorcycle has taken me from the wilds of Northwestern Ontario to the Black Hills of South Dakota. What a ride! An old-fashioned country jamboree capped off my visit with friends in Fort Frances. The

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Fort Frances

by Liz Jansen Fort Frances got on my itinerary “on the way” to South America because I wanted to visit friends here, and explore the area further. It’s a small town of 8,000, about 350 kilometers west of Thunder Bay,

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