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8 Steps to Get Your Motorcycle Gear Ready for Spring

by Liz Jansen If you’re like me, I squeeze as much season as possible out of autumn and by the time I’m stopped, daylight is short and the temperatures quite chilly. I’m pretty good at winterizing my motorcycle; less so

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Sept. 5-11, 2015

by Liz Jansen This week’s News You Can Use takes us touring via video on a Ladies First tour of Italy’s Tuscan region, courtesy of Motorcycle Mag’s Tricia Szulewski. View it with caution—you might just get some ideas for next

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5 Great Blog Posts from Last Week

by Liz Jansen Today’s collection of favorite blogs from last week covers a range of topics, selected to inform, educate, and entertain! And enhance your ride in some way. Read about an innovative cross-country jaunt by five women riders living

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ATGATT: Merely A Starting Point

by Liz Jansen Anyone who rides a motorcycle has heard of the importance of ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Whether you adopt it into practice is a personal choice. While I’ve always been an ATGATT rider and advocate,

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Gear Review—BMW TourShell Suit

Today I offer you something different than my usual articles—a gear review, written for Women Riders Now. Even before I knew I was going to be living from my bike for at least a year, I was on a quest

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18 Riders Comment on Moto Rain Gear

Finding reliable rain gear has been a life long quest for me. Sure it has to stand up to the rigors of the weather, but is it so much to ask that it keep the rain out?  We asked the

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10 Qualities to Look for in Heated Motorcycle Gear

by Liz Jansen Wearing heated gear  from neck to ankles extends my safe and enjoyable riding season significantly. In fact, it’s unsafe road conditions, not the cold that pulls me off my bike in winter. I’ve just returned from a

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13 Riders Share their Sources for Used Motorcycle Gear

We all know to NEVER purchase a used helmet. But there are often good deals on other used gear. Have you purchased used gear and where’s a good place to find it?   Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans

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24 Riders Advise New Riders on Motorcycle Gear

What gear advice would you give a new rider – just starting out? Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.   24 riders advise new riders on motorcycle gear   Kevin G.  Stay comfortable but don’t compromise practicality or

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10 Functions to Look for in Motorcycle Pants

by Liz Jansen For years, blue jeans were the only type of riding pants I wore. Then I tried real riding pants and now it’s rare to venture out with just jeans. The material, functionality and fit of riding pants

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