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How to Maneuver Around the What If Obstacles

by Liz Jansen  Recently I wrote an article about ‘meeting’ my paternal grandfather for the first time during last year’s motorcycle trip to northern Alberta. “Isn’t that the trip you crashed on,” asked my editor? “You didn’t mention it.” He

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Chapter One

by Liz Jansen  One of the things I love about writing is you never know where it’s going to take you. Much like riding a motorcycle. And like riding, you know you’re in for an adventure, you just don’t know

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Spring Renewal

by Liz Jansen Spring has been late arriving here in Ontario so a road trip south to warmer temps was a welcome break from the unseasonal cold we’ve been experiencing. Aside from loose planning, there’s no point getting bogged down

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She Rides Ontario!

by Liz Jansen  The material on this page was included in She Rides Ontario, presented at the Toronto Motorcycle Show She Rides Evening. It highlights Ontario’s riding opportunities, resources for route planning, maps, and touring ideas, and events for women riders.

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Nov. 13-20

by Liz Jansen   Riding season is drawing to a close or significantly curtailed for many of us. That’s a sign to start planning for next season. I thought I’d help by sharing favorite posts that have crossed my desk recently. I’m

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Motorcycle News You Can Use | Sept 26 to Oct 2

by Liz Jansen This weekend I’m leaving for 5-6 weeks on the road. While I won’t be riding the entire time, I’m putting on significant mileage. Top 10 Tools to Take Touring was an excellent reminder, especially since I’m getting

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Motorcycle News You Can Use – Sept 12-18

by Liz Jansen This week’s Motorcycle News You Can Use covers the whimsical to the practical. Take a trip down memory lane with riders and motorcycles who were considered hot in their day. Then, prepare to see the new motorcycle emoji on

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Sept. 5-11, 2015

by Liz Jansen This week’s News You Can Use takes us touring via video on a Ladies First tour of Italy’s Tuscan region, courtesy of Motorcycle Mag’s Tricia Szulewski. View it with caution—you might just get some ideas for next

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10 Reasons to Ride Manitoulin Island

by Liz Jansen Legend has it that when the Creator made Manitoulin Island it was so beautiful, He called it home. First Nations peoples have lived and traveled through here for thousands of years. It’s such a special land, in

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5 Blogs with Cross Country Travel Tips

by Liz Jansen With the arrival of spring comes thoughts of riding—lots of riding. Many Canadian and American motorcyclists dream of riding right across their country. Even if you live in warmer climates, it’s usually not feasible,  practical, or safe to

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