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Motorcycle News You Can Use – Sept 12-18

by Liz Jansen This week’s Motorcycle News You Can Use covers the whimsical to the practical. Take a trip down memory lane with riders and motorcycles who were considered hot in their day. Then, prepare to see the new motorcycle emoji on

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5 Secrets Most People Don’t Know About Me

by Liz Jansen Even though most of you know me as an author and seasoned rider, it’s time for me to share secrets you might not have known. These things will not appear in my author bio. As I dig

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10 Simple Pre Ride Inspection Checks

by Liz Jansen Your motorcycle carries the most precious cargo there is. You. Taking time to conduct a routine inspection makes a big difference to your personal safety and your enjoyment of the ride. No one wants to be stranded on the

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11 Riders Caption their Summer Moto Travel Plans

Riding season has arrived not only on the calendar, but also with more seasonal temperatures. During this week’s Facebook chat with Motorcycle Mojo fans, we talked about the rides for the season, and asked how riders would caption their moto travel

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Women Bikers Inspire Others

Thank you to Susan MacAulay at Amazing Women Rock for posting this article. 5 Women Inspire Others – featuring 5 of the women in Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. Have you ever dreamed of having a great adventure?

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