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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Aug. 29-Sept. 4

by Liz Jansen This week’s News You Can Use provides practical tips for getting out of a mechanical bind, whether it’s going through the checklist of Top 10 things to do when your bike won’t start, or dealing with being

Motorcycle News You Can Use: Aug. 22 – 28

by Liz Jansen   This week’s Motorcycle News You Can Use blog posts focus on the common hazards we face every day and show us how to deal with them. They include making safe left turns in passing zones, smooth cornering clues, and

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The Week in Motorcycle Blogs: Aug. 14 – 21

by Liz Jansen  The motorcycle blogs I’m most attracted to and love to share with you are those dealing with safety and the riding lifestyle. Not the ‘biker lifestyle’ image that pops to mind, but rather blogs that talk about travel, how

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Motorcycle Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

That Tricia Szulewski’s article about How to Ride Your Street Motorcycle in Gravel appears in this week’s five favorite blogs is no coincidence. Since returning to riding, it’s one of my greatest fears when riding. I wrote about my experience

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Pros and Cons of Solo and Group Motorcycle Travel

by Liz Jansen Tomorrow begins 10-12 days of working from the road in Northern Ontario. I’ll be attending a writer’s workshop on the shores of Lake Superior, researching travel stories, and spending glorious time traveling on my motorcycle. Much of my

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5 Favorite Blogs from Last Week

by Liz Jansen There are many articles on motorcycle touring and safety. The ones below stood out because of the way they present the information, and how they make you think. They may even inspire you to change your habits,

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5 Cool Tricks I Learned at Horizons Unlimited

by Liz Jansen Recently I attended Horizons Unlimited’s Travelers Event in Orillia, Ontario. It’s one of my favorite gatherings mostly because of the people it attracts. They come from all walks of life, ages, and interests but they share a

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5 Great Blog Posts from Last Week

by Liz Jansen Today’s collection of favorite blogs from last week covers a range of topics, selected to inform, educate, and entertain! And enhance your ride in some way. Read about an innovative cross-country jaunt by five women riders living

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5 Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

by Liz Jansen With the season in full swing, new riders are graduating from classes, purchasing motorcycles, and getting out on the road. Continuous learning and skill improvement is a life-long habit to start right now. That’s why I’ve included

Blog Posts You Don’t Want to Miss from Last Week

by Liz Jansen  Last week I was dismayed to learn about crashes from two well-known women riders. I was also grateful that they weren’t more seriously injured. Both ascribe to an ATGATT philosophy and it saved their hides. Literally. My injuries

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