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The Return to Home Base

by Liz Jansen Sunday evening marked my return from seven glorious weeks on the road mostly through Western Canada with Trudy, my trusty Triumph Tiger, stopping just shy of the Pacific Ocean. Six of those weeks were on the Ancestor

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5 Things I Learned from Solo Motorcycle Travel

by Liz Jansen Solo motorcycle journeys are magical. It may take a few days to settle in, but the longer you’re out there, the greater the magic. Not only do you experience that spiritual connection with nature and your higher

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Pros and Cons of Solo and Group Motorcycle Travel

by Liz Jansen Tomorrow begins 10-12 days of working from the road in Northern Ontario. I’ll be attending a writer’s workshop on the shores of Lake Superior, researching travel stories, and spending glorious time traveling on my motorcycle. Much of my

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10 Steps in Preparing for my Solo Motorcycle Trip

In two days, I begin 6 weeks (or so) on the road. Most of it will be solo travel, dotted by visits with friends along the way. And of course, it will be filled with friends I haven’t yet met.

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27 Rider Comments on Solo Travel

A wide range of riders with diverse experience, locations and perspectives share their perspectives on solo travel.  Taken from a recent FaceBook chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s page, each one carries its own wisdom, along with some humor!

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10 Joys of Solo Motorcycle Travel

Riding with others can be very enjoyable. While I generally stay away from large groups, it’s fun to get out with one or two friends. I even like riding pillion sometimes if it’s with the right person. But solo journeys

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