10 Joys of Solo Motorcycle Travel

Riding with others can be very enjoyable. While I generally stay away from large groups, it’s fun to get out with one or two friends. I even like riding pillion sometimes if it’s with the right person. But solo journeys are in a realm all to themselves. And some trips just have to be done alone.

solo motorcycle travelHere are ten joys that make it so good for the soul.

  1. Independence. You are completely on your own schedule. You can go where you want, when you want. When you find a particularly appealing place and decide to stay an extra day, you can do so without messing up anyone else’s plans.
  2. Resourcefulness. You learn to be creative and find out how little you really need to get by.
  3. Confidence. This is huge! Things happen when you’re out there and you learn to manage on your own. You’re forced to call on your own strength and ingenuity to sort things out. It’s amazing what you learn about your capabilities.
  4. Approachability. People approach you more readily than they would if you were with even one other person. They’re fascinated, especially when they see a woman traveling alone. They are engaging and welcoming.
  5. Receptiveness. People are more receptive to you when you approach them. You meet the most amazing people.
  6. Preferred seating. Often when all seats are taken at a restaurant or show, there’s room for one more. Or they can squeeze you in somewhere. These seats are often offered at a reduced rate as well.
  7. Mechanical aptitude. You get to know a lot about your bike and understand it’s idiosyncrasies and needs. If something is going wrong, you can often pick up early warning signs. Also builds confidence.
  8. Serendipity. It happens when you’re out there with others, but never to the same extent. At least, not that you notice.
  9. Freedom. There is something so ultimately freeing when you’re out there crossing the country; something that you only feel when you’re alone.
  10. Connection with spirit. This goes beyond freedom. It’s a feeling of being alone and connected at the same time. It’s more than becoming one with your bike. Something else happens when you’re out there alone, moving through nature and you feel a profound interconnectedness with the universe.

If you’ve never tried solo travel, you owe it to yourself to do so. Start with small steps. Perhaps a half day ride. Yes, it can be frightening and you may have to give yourself a pep talk before leaving. But once you’re out on the open road, all that falls away. The rewards are incredible.



Author, writer, student and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

10 Comments on “10 Joys of Solo Motorcycle Travel

  1. Yes, girl!
    Number one is the most important for me on that list, haha! I always enjoyed doing things on my own and in my own time! And not only do you have your own schedule but also you have your own choices for FOOD. I liked riding with my ex husband but he always got hungry when there was nothing but a junk food box around and I hate that food and often rather just drank something then order food I don’t like… I had my best motorcycle adventures when I was riding by myself. But when you stop you rarely got solitude, I found out, someone would chat you up in notime, not only men, but also nice mothers who were just serving lunch to their crowd on the road and in no time you had a lunch invitation as well. When I traveled alone camping, I often choose small campgrounds with some permanent trailers on. When you camp close to them they really take care for you, it is their 2nd home and they make sure you like it as much as they do! Yes, riding alone is the best!
    Barbara, 20 years riding under her belt…

    • What she said! : ) I love solo travel. So many neat experiences you don’t get any other way. Thanks Barbara.

  2. I agree with this list. I could not have said it better. My nearest and dearest do not understand why I am prefer solo travel. It rejuvinates my soul. I travel solo, yet I do not travel alone. Also, I discovered that when I travel with a group, I worry about everyone’s safety, except my own.

    • Love your comment “It rejuvinates my soul. I travel solo, yet I do not travel alone.” That says it all! Thanks Stacey.

  3. I started riding 2 years ago, learning all over again the love I have for the open road. My first solo ride was a 2.5 hour trip from McAllen Tx to Corpus Christi Tx. Fun and a bit scary at the same time! My next trip was to Leaky Tx and I did the Three Twisted Sisters (a twisty mountain rainge.) I was nervous but totally ok with it once I went out. Got too dehydrated though and ended up with a terrible headache.. Then I ventured even further, and went from Laconia New Hampshire all the way to Hawksbury Ontario Canada and back. The longest trip and most interesting. Now I plotted and planned my trip from McAllen Texas to North Carolina to do the Tail of the Dragon! This trip happens in three weeks and even though I am nervous as heck, I am very prepared to do this. Thanks for the interesting prospective and enjoyed some of the comments…MadDog…

    • Hi Dee – I see a pattern! You set a stretch but doable goal, every time pushing your comfort zone a little more, and every time, learning new lessons and growing from it. And having a fantastic time while you’re doing it!!! Thanks for sharing. All the best as you continue your journeys!

    • I just got back thurs left Boston on a mon my friend bought a bmw 1600 well in Florida visiting his son so he flew down a couple days after I headed for Florida I met up with him in Jacksonville stayed for a day and set out across Florida on rt 10 to 75 went to the tale of the dragon then the blue ridge parkway had a great time gone for almost two weeks new where we wanted to go and just planned it from the road as we went best advice dowload weather underground on your phone it is the best weather app doplar and sat opt helped us skirt some bad weather on the fly great ride loved it no plans day by day!!! My street glide was great no problems!

      • Sounds like a fantastic trip. Spontaneous, great scenery, friendship, wonderful memories. Love it! Thanks Mark. Liz.

  4. Well September 2015 I did the tail of the Dragon. It was an amazing trip I loved it … Will keep you posted…