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Dancing on the Edge of Comfort—Without Crashing

Sunshine, blue skies, and mid-70s-breezes embraced me as I set off for home from the Horizons Unlimited Travellers meeting in Virginia last Sunday. Perfect riding weather belied that I’d be dancing on the edge of comfort before long. I’d taken

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10 Ways Mirrors Shape Your Point of View

by Liz Jansen Over the past few years, I’ve been fascinated to understand how culture and environment shape our point of view. How they’re applied in our early years both enhances and distances us from the essence of who we

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7 Ways to Practice Non Attachment

by Liz Jansen To practice non attachment is to let go of the labels you’ve attached to yourself. It’s about remaining grounded and centered, working from that place of power that is you, rather than the roles you’ve bought into.

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10 Reasons to Use the Brakes

by Liz Jansen Applying the brakes reduces your speed. Whether that means slowing down or coming to a full stop depends on the situation and how you decide to respond. Braking is something that is completely under your control. It’s

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7 Ways to Maintain Traction

by Liz Jansen Knowing how to maintain traction, even when the road delivers unexpected conditions is a survival skill for motorcyclists. At best,losing traction scares the pants off you. At worst, it results in a crash. Understanding how to prevent it minimizes

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7 Leaders Demonstrate the Importance of Focus

Every motorcycle rider knows about the significance of focus. If your eyes aren’t trained on where you want to go, you’ll soon find yourself off course. If intrusive thoughts about work or personal life distract your attention, you’re putting your

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Five Overarching Fundamentals for Robust Relationships

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles, 75 Tips for Robust Relationships- just in time for Valentine’s Day! Download the entire ebook for free.  One need look no further than the relationship between motorcycle and rider to glimpse what

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9 Things to Focus on in Life

by Liz Jansen Mirrors reflect whatever they focus on. Motorcycles, the most vulnerable vehicles on the road, have only two of them. In a way, that makes things simpler. It also makes whatever they’re reflecting back that much more important.

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Five Overarching Tips for Being in Balance

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles, 75 Tips for Being in Balance. Download the entire ebook for free. Look no further than motorcycles for life lessons on balance. When you’re out of balance on two wheels, the feedback

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7 Ways to Practice NonDoing as Taught by Motorcycles

To practice non doing is to immerse yourself in the flow of the universe. It’s about allowing things to unfold, rather than struggling to control outcomes. This is one of the hardest of life’s lessons and one that challenges me

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