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10 Winter Motorcycle Ideas

by Liz Jansen Face it and embrace it! There’s not much motorcycling going on in this corner of the world in January. That makes it an ideal time for reflecting, researching, planning, prioritizing – all essential to make the most

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Motorcycles, Medicine and the Mythic

Motorcycles, medicine and the Mythic are but one example of a symbiotic partnership that takes us on the inward journey of discovery, the hardest, yet the simplest, most illuminating and joyful journey we can take in this life. We have

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5 Reasons for New Riders to Purchase Used Motorcycles

You’ve purchased the gear, learned to ride a motorcycle and are eager to get riding! While it’s tempting to run out and get that brand new bike you’ve been dreaming of, there’s a strong case for deferring that dream and

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16 Winter-Weary Riders Talk About Their First Ride of 2013

Think Spring was the theme of a mid-March chat on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. We asked fans, “Where was/is your first ride of 2013?” For the record, mine was on February 26, the day this photo of my bike was

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39 Riders Tell What’s New for 2013

Think Spring was the theme of last week’s chats from Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. We asked fans, “What’s new for the season – bike, gear, accessories?”   39 riders tell what’s new for 2013   Roxanne G.  Accessories. New

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30 Riders Reflect on Winter Hibernation

Although many of us may be questioning whether spring will ever arrive, the calendar tells us it can’t be far off – can it? Think Spring was the theme of last week’s chat from Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page . We

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19 Reasons to Attend Motorcycle Shows

Bike Show season is upon us. What’s your most compelling reason to attend? We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. These riders tell us why they go. Add yours in the

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Life Lessons from Motorcycles: How to Survive and Thrive

12 Principles to Survive and Thrive Life Lessons from Motorcycles is series exploring the teachings we can learn through riding, if we’re receptive.  Here’s the recap of the 12 Principles of Survival. The reality is that by following these, we can

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10 Tips for Riding in the Rain

If you’ve done much riding at all, you’ll have done it in the rain. Here are a few tips to make riding in the rain  safer, more comfortable —  and drier. Purchase and carry high quality rain gear.  Look for

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Raising the Energy: 5 Contributors at the AMA’s Women and Motorcycling Conference

Gather a group of motorcycle riders together and there’s an palpable feeling of raising the energy. Make that a core group of predominantly women enthusiasts intent on adventure, learning and camaraderie and you’ll ratchet up the energy level and impetus

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