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Meet Claire Elsdon, CEO and Founder of Pikilily

by Liz Jansen Claire Elsdon, is the CEO and Founder of Pikilily, a UK based organization that provides motorcycle maintenance education in Tanzania. Her vision evolved from a solo London to Cape Town motorcycle ride in 2012/13, during which she

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Creative Motorcycle Maintenance 101

by Liz Jansen When you ride a motorcycle, you have to be creative and resourceful. And those are skills we take with us into our personal and work lives. We asked readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine three questions about how

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7 Easy Ways to Keep from Getting Stranded on your Motorcycle

by Liz Jansen As exhilarating and freeing as it is to get out on the open road, there’s one big reality you can’t ignore: your motorcycle. They’re machines whose components wear with time and use. Follow these seven easy steps

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7 Steps to Plugging a Tire

by Liz Jansen Ironically and as these things invariably go, the day after advising participants in the Preparing for Motorcycle Travel webinar to practice repairing a hole in a tire before setting out on extended travel, I got an opportunity

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19 Riders Recommend Which Motorcycle Tools to Carry for Travel

As reliable as most bikes are, it’s still a good idea to ride prepared. Qualified mechanics may not be within reach of where you are on the open road and if you get a flat, a saddlebag mount breaks or

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10 Tips for Finding A Mechanic

by Liz Jansen First posted in August, 2012, this bears reviewing now as many of you are preparing your bikes for riding season. Finding a mechanic is one of the most critical riding decisions you’ll make. Riding a motorcycle makes

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10 Tips for Winterizing your Motorcycle

If you’re anything like me, you’ve delayed this as long as possible, hoping to extend the season as much as possible.  It’s the first day of December – and when I look out the window, the ground is starting to

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9 Ways Motorcycles Teach Self-Worth

Self-worth respects and acknowledges who you are. Yet sometimes you overlook your self in your quest to serve others. What you do for your motorcycle you must do for your self. 9 Ways Motorcycles Teach Self-Worth   Choose your company

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Life Lessons from Motorcycles: Maintenance and 7 Facets of Self Care

Self Care: 7 Facets Taught by Motorcycle Maintenance Who knew the owner’s manual could teach us as much about ourselves and self care as it teaches about the bike? Understanding the fundamentals of motorcycle maintenance enhances safety, performance and longevity

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