Liz doesn’t only take her audience on an adventure across North America on her Triumph Tiger, but on a journey though time, ancestry, and self-discovery. The tales of her family history and the trials she endures on her journey paint a vivid picture of strength, perseverance, reconciliation, symbolism, and spirituality. Liz’s musings and the revelations she has while riding her motorcycle resonates with every rider that has ever gone out riding for long periods of time alone. Her presentation is colorful and animated and heartfelt. ​Every member of her audience smiles and nods as they recognize pieces of Liz’s story in their own history and experiences. We at Latus Motors Triumph are honored to have been Liz’s first stop on her Crash Landing tour, and we wish Liz the best on her future endeavors!

Keri Grassl, Latus Triumph Motoros


Future Workshops are on hold as I settle into the life of a full time university student. The best way to find out about new events is to subscribe to my newsletter. I’d love to stay in touch!