Energy Medicine

Life unfolds according to the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we’ve embraced, and stories that have been passed down for generations—stories we’re often not aware we’re carrying.
Liz helps clients transform their lives by recognizing and changing those stories. Her skills guide them to make the energetic and lifestyle changes necessary to create and maintain optimal well-being.
Clients contact her because they’re feeling stuck, going through major life transitions, or feeling unfulfilled. Liz’s practices help them discover their gifts, create meaning in their lives, and step towards their fullest potential.
Her approach blends wisdom from her background as a Registered Nurse and Corporate Human Resources Professional. Most most recently, she’s added training as a Certified Practitioner in Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine.
If you want change, it has to come from within. Liz’s strength is creating a safe and sacred space for you to explore, recognize, and overcome the patterns that hold you back. That frees you to do what you really want with your life—whether that’s learning to ride a motorcycle, making a life change, or living your dream.
She’s applying her personal insights in her next book, Crash Landing, The Long Road Home (due for release December 6, 2018), exploring how the experiences of our ancestors shape us. Or, who we are before we’re told who we are. 
To schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation or book an onsite or virtual appointment, contact her at
 Photo Credit: John G. Reed