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The Return to Home Base

by Liz Jansen Sunday evening marked my return from seven glorious weeks on the road mostly through Western Canada with Trudy, my trusty Triumph Tiger, stopping just shy of the Pacific Ocean. Six of those weeks were on the Ancestor

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Dad and My Motorcycle

Originally written a few years ago, this memory is as alive today as it was then. Dad is now 90 and walking with canes as he recovers from a hip replacement following a fall. He’s moved into assisted living, mom

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Keep Singing

by Liz Jansen Until recently, I’ve left the electronics off when I hike, preferring only the sound of the wind and my footsteps. I’m well aware there’s a tendency to get carried away with volume when listening to iPods, both

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No Motorcycles Allowed

by Liz Jansen “No motorcycles!” The underground parking lot attendant glowered, shouting in barely legible English, intercepting me before I could push the button for the ticket. “No motorcycles,” he barked again, thrusting his arm and pointing to the exit.

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Time to Write

by Liz Jansen My grandparents were refugees, fleeing civil war, starvation, and persecution. Speaking your mind got you shot, often in front of your family. I’m sure that ancestral fear was imprinted deeply in my psyche when I arrived on

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Going Down Stairs

by Liz Jansen In my dream, I was going down stairs from the upper to ground level in an open concept home. Wooden beams supported the peaked ceiling and the entire wall, from peak to ground was glass, allowing the

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Parting Words From a Friend

by Liz Jansen Terry returned to spirit form on October 15, 2015, two months after his diagnosis. Those of us who knew him are better off for having shared a portion of our earthly journey with him. We feel profound loss and sadness,

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5 Secrets Most People Don’t Know About Me

by Liz Jansen Even though most of you know me as an author and seasoned rider, it’s time for me to share secrets you might not have known. These things will not appear in my author bio. As I dig

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by Liz Jansen One of the hardest parts of this time in my life is waiting for clarity. I know it will come, and when it does I’ll recognize it. But until then, the waiting is hard. When I set

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How to Start Riding After a Motorcycle Accident

by Liz Jansen  I’m nervous about getting back on a motorcycle. Although I don’t keep a running total, I’ve ridden hundreds of thousands of miles over 45 years with no accidents on the road until last summer. I teach others

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