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10 Tips for Selecting a Motorcycle

by Liz Jansen It may be the dead of winter, but it’s the time of year that people are thinking about a new motorcycle. The motorcycle shows only feed that hunger. Most of us can only have one motorcycle, but

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90,000′ Book Launch of Great American Motorcycle Tours

Looking for motivation to pursue your dreams?  Check out what Gary McKechnie is up to.  He gave us a sneak preview during our podcast, posted on   Gary McKechnie on Living the Dream.     In the late 1990’s Gary felt

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3 Motorcycle Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Looking for something to do other than the Sunday crossword puzzle?  Try these 3 short motorcycle quizzes to test your motorcycle prowess! Motorcycle Quizzes Motorcycle Safety Tips Quiz How sharp are your skills?  Take this brief quiz on the Illinois

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Just a Passenger

I cringe when I hear “I’m just a passenger.” With more women owning and operating their own motorcycles, there’s a misperception that being a passenger is a diminished role. While no one is a greater advocate of the empowering characteristics

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Feel Good Friday Story

Feel Good Friday and Motorcycle Serendipity One of the great things about riding motorcycles is their penchant for introducing you to  unexpected experiences and amazing people. Like Michaela and Stef. A summer Saturday evening found me in Toronto’s Beach neighborhood

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