3 Motorcycle Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Looking for something to do other than the Sunday crossword puzzle?  Try these 3 short motorcycle quizzes to test your motorcycle prowess!

Motorcycle Quizzes

Motorcycle QuizzesMotorcycle Safety Tips Quiz

How sharp are your skills?  Take this brief quiz on the Illinois State Police website.


Road Conditions Quiz

Check out your knowledge of how to respond to road conditions you may encounter along the way.


How Stuff Works: Motorcycle Quiz

This one’s a little more technical and tests your basic motorcycle knowledge. Try it.


Note that this is not an endorsement of the safety content of the quiz.  Make sure that you confirm safety information with a knowledgeable professional.
photo credit: albertogp123 via photopin cc


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2 Comments on “3 Motorcycle Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

  1. Ha-ha – Good to know that I theoretically know how to ride safety – through Illinois at least.
    Related history results : room for improvement.. No biggee – Don’t care to design them.. Just want to ride ’em.
    Thank you for these

    • Hi Kevin – You’re welcome. We ALL have room for improvement. Anyone who thinks they don’t should hang up their helmet.