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Remembering my Grandmother on Her Birthday

Four years ago I set out on a quest, seeking answers to who I was before my culture told me who I was. To help me understand my ancestors’ lives, I followed their migrations in Western Canada after they’d arrived

Who’s that Face in the Mirror Looking Back at You?

by Liz Jansen If you could divest yourself of social constraints, expectations, and cultural conformity, who are you when you look in the mirror? Who is that wild you? What does she or he want? What are their dreams? Four

Almost Successful— An Ingenious Rise and Spectacular Fall

by Liz Jansen It was a bad idea from the start. Yet determination out-muscled my rationale and patience. Trudy, my Triumph Tiger, is a fantastic motorcycle, and I love almost everything about her, except getting her onto the center stand.

Watermelon as Soul Food—Connecting the Past and Present

by Liz Jansen As soon as I opened the notice for the Watermelon Social, I knew I’d have to find a way to go. Yesterday was the day. Watermelons, it turns out, are soul food. When Dad could no longer

Opening a Message in a Bottle — Or Parking Lot

by Liz Jansen He stood in the distance, against the curb behind his parked vintage motorcycle, beckoning, a helmet under his right arm. I noticed him from the middle of the parking lot, where I stood with my co-instructor, Mike.

Overcoming a 30 Day Yoga Challenge

by Liz Jansen I did it on a whim. In late May, the Lion’s Den Yoga Studio, where I practice, posted a 30-day yoga challenge: 30 days of yoga in June. They relaxed the start date so the challenge could

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Remembering A Father-Daughter Trip of a Lifetime

by Liz Jansen One year ago, Dad and I were preparing for the trip of a lifetime. For three years, I’d been on a quest, learning about my ancestors, and how their experiences had shaped me. As part of that

Getting Perspective Right Means Using the Right Lens

by Liz Jansen “Where are you riding to this year?” It’s a question I’m commonly asked, as people know I love long-distance motorcycle travel. It was especially relevant as I was at a Horizons Unlimited meeting, attended by people who

The Answer My Friend is Blowin in the Wind

by Liz Jansen “The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.” — Bob Dylan Wind represents the element of air—our thoughts, ideas, and communication. It informs us, and often brings change with it. For a motorcycle rider, nothing matches

Gravel Roads, Grit, and Graceful Endings

by Liz Jansen Growth comes through tests and challenges, and motorcycle rides inherently come with lessons. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when gravel roads showed up on a recent trip. I love riding back roads in the Appalachians in