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Eyes Up! Look Where You Want to Go

by Liz Jansen Lesson One in the curriculum for learning to ride a motorcycle is learning to focus your eyes on where you want to go. That can be a very different place from where you’re headed. We call it

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6 Motorcycle Books for Winter Reading

by Liz Jansen What is winter for motorcycle riders if not a time for catching up on motorcycle books? Here’s a selection of moto reading to entertain and inspire us for the not-so-far-away riding season. If you’re looking for more,

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Out on the Open Road

by Liz Jansen Imagine yourself riding a motorcycle out on the open road. It could be a day trip or you might be in the middle of a cross-country adventure. You envision your destination, set out, and are surrounded by

Seeing Red Cars

by Liz Jansen Have you ever noticed the phenomenon when for example, you buy a red car (or motorcycle)  and all of a sudden, you start seeing red cars everywhere? The same is true of seemingly innocuous events that convey

The Return to Home Base

by Liz Jansen Sunday evening marked my return from seven glorious weeks on the road mostly through Western Canada with Trudy, my trusty Triumph Tiger, stopping just shy of the Pacific Ocean. Six of those weeks were on the Ancestor

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Getting to the Starting Point

by Liz Jansen The day prior to departure, especially getting out of the driveway, is one of the most difficult parts of every motorcycle journey I take. This one was different in that the unease lasted longer and reached a

9 Minute Moto Film Festival aka 9MMFF

by Liz Jansen We’ve all sat through tedious photo and video presentations, capturing what was undoubtedly a grand adventure. To the person having it. To the viewers, it was an hour of dust or trail, an hour that wasn’t very

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On the Road Again

by Liz Jansen This weekend I’ll resume the motorcycle part of the journey that took an unexpected turn two years ago. At that time I was three weeks into a road trip I thought would last 12-18 months minimum, traveling

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5 Things I Learned from Solo Motorcycle Travel

by Liz Jansen Solo motorcycle journeys are magical. It may take a few days to settle in, but the longer you’re out there, the greater the magic. Not only do you experience that spiritual connection with nature and your higher

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Chapter One

by Liz Jansen  One of the things I love about writing is you never know where it’s going to take you. Much like riding a motorcycle. And like riding, you know you’re in for an adventure, you just don’t know

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