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Celebrate One Family Day

by Liz Jansen This weekend, Family Day is celebrated in three Canadian provinces. (British Columbia celebrated last weekend.) Introduced in Ontario, where I live, in 2008, it still catches me by surprise. The government in power at the time decided

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Meet Claire Elsdon, CEO and Founder of Pikilily

by Liz Jansen Claire Elsdon, is the CEO and Founder of Pikilily, a UK based organization that provides motorcycle maintenance education in Tanzania. Her vision evolved from a solo London to Cape Town motorcycle ride in 2012/13, during which she

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Remembrance Day 2016—Remembering Isn’t Enough

by Liz Jansen Today I will remember. I will pause from my writing and walk to the town cenotaph to honor and pay my respects to the men and women who have served in the military to protect the rights

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No Motorcycles Allowed

by Liz Jansen “No motorcycles!” The underground parking lot attendant glowered, shouting in barely legible English, intercepting me before I could push the button for the ticket. “No motorcycles,” he barked again, thrusting his arm and pointing to the exit.

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Going Down Stairs

by Liz Jansen In my dream, I was going down stairs from the upper to ground level in an open concept home. Wooden beams supported the peaked ceiling and the entire wall, from peak to ground was glass, allowing the

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The Road Ahead

by Liz Jansen For months I’d been looking forward to attending renowned Ojibway author Richard Wagamese’s writer’s workshop at Batchawana First Nation, near Sault Ste. Marie, in northern Ontario. As I was recuperating, reflecting, and recharging over the winter, I

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Canada Day—Celebrate and Remember

by Liz Jansen It seemed appropriate to pull this article from the archives for this Canada Day on which we celebrate our freedom and those who help us keep it. Last week, Major (ret.) Edgar Wayne “Watch Dog” Boone, 58 of Ottawa,

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5 Ways to Be Open to What the Road Delivers

by Liz Jansen Being open to what the road delivers and prepared to deal with the consequences, makes you vulnerable to pain. We’ve all experienced deep hurt, betrayal, and deceit by people close to us. It’s a natural reaction to

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Road Report | Three Months into the Detour

by Liz Jansen It’s now been three months since I turned onto the detour. While it wasn’t the experience I anticipated or foresaw when I left Ontario, it’s been an adventure just the same. Here’s a progress report. Recovery It’s

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Giving Tuesday | A New Reason to Celebrate

Yesterday I was researching stories, looking for a new spin to put on Thanksgiving Day and coming up empty. I can make a list of creative ways to celebrate the day or things I’m grateful for, but it feels lackluster,

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