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  1. Steven Rugg says:

    I attended the 2013 Carson Valley ADV event and, despite the smokey skies, had a great time. I almost left to come back home Friday morning, due to the intense smoke and my inability to get a breath of fresh air. Several people joined to talk me out of it. I am so glad they did! I rode with George both days and enjoyed the ride and comaradarie very much.

    Your article about the event was right-on. Carla King rode with us guys the first day and her bright smile was a wonderful addition to the group. Even when she struggled a bit on certain sections, she didn’t let it bother her. Inspirational!


    • lizjansen says:

      That was some smoke wasn’t it? And we were 80-100 miles from the fire. It was a wonderful event – made so by the organizers and the people who attended. It draws the best people. 🙂 I just wish it were closer so I could attend more often.

      Thanks very much for reading the article and your comment. Wishing you safe adventures and blue skies.


      PS – Carla King is a welcome addition to any group!

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