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6 Comments on “Newsletter Thank You

  1. Hi Liz,
    I just signed up for your newsletter. Spring is here in the high country and the roads are dry although mornings are still in the twenties. As I said in an earlier email, I am a returning rider, having not ridden for years. Finding the right MC has taken time since I am not tall and short legs mean many that I like just do not fit. The final choice is the Kawasaki Ninja 650 with ABS. Our current travel plans mean I will not be buying until late May. I did contact J. Brandon but have yet to meet him. I am hoping to meet some other retired persons (did not say guys 🙂 that would like to ride mid-week.
    Best regards, David

    • Hi David,

      Nice to hear from you! Thanks for signing up for the newsletter. I hope you enjoy it!

      Sounds like you’re well on your way to getting back in the saddle. The Ninja sounds like an ideal choice – and you’ve got the perfect country to test it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting with J. He’s good stuff!



  2. Hi Liz,
    In your 7 ways to be non judgement you talked about your “current” motorcycle. Was that the Yamaha Super Tenere? Will you be buying another since the accident, or looking at something else?
    See you at the January Motorcycle Show.

  3. Hi Liz,
    I cannot believe I just found your website and Facebook page! I’ve been riding since I was wee one and have long known about the empowerment and spirituality that is imparted through riding on two wheels. I believe this is especially so for women. I once thought about doing my graduate research in anthropology on just such a topic but ended up taking on different topics.
    For know I can hardly wait to binge on your blog and read new entries as they come along. I have recently taken a few years off from riding after several Iron Butts and some trips out west, but have just this season taken to the road again. And so…the planets align.
    So wonderful to meet you electronically Liz. Perhaps we’ll meet on the road in person in the future…..
    All the best,

    • Hi Janet,

      That sounds wonderful!! Great to meet you. I’ve often thought I’d have loved anthropology. I find the study of culture and its role in our lives/world fascinating. So watch for more in my writings 🙂 I hope our roads do cross in real time some day.


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