9 Actions that Interfere With Transfer of Power

Like motorcycles, you pack an amazing amount of power into a relatively small engine. In both cases, there is more power than you’ll ever need. But to move off, power needs to be transferred from the engine to the rear wheel. If that doesn’t happen, you won’t move forward.

Transfer of PowerYour power comes from your Self and your connection to the Universe. No one can give it to you and no one can take it away. Your spirit seeks expression and your choices determine how and where your energy is transferred.

On the motorcycle, you prevent transfer of power by:

  • Holding on to the brakes
  • Holding the clutch lever in
  • Not using enough throttle
  • Not shifting into (the right) gear


9 actions that prevent transfer of power

On your spiritual Road, you prevent transfer of power by:

  1. Basing actions on the opinions of others. When the motivation for our action is to mollify others, you’re wasting your energy. Your most important guide is your intuition. Worrying about what others think gets you nowhere. What happens when they change their mind? Do you change yours?


  1. Jealousy. You each have unique gifts to fill your unique role here. Focusing on doing your best in what you’re here to do is fulfilling. You don’t know everything that is going on in another person’s life and the only one you measure success by is yself.


  1. Gossip. Idle chatter about other people is hurtful, especially when most of the time, it’s based on hearsay rather than fact and embellished by opinions of others. Stick to kindness and compassion. It serves everyone.


  1. Worry. Worry is the fear of what may happen down the road. Most of the times, your greatest dreads don’t materialize and you’ve redirected all that energy pointlessly. When you focus on the immediate and the things you can control, the future falls into place.


  1. Anger. Anger is constructive when it prompts you into positive action. However it is harmful when it prompts destructive words and behaviors, often directed at those you love the most.


  1. Guilt. This will eat away at you if you let it and will usurp your power. Often taking on guilt is an ingrained thought pattern and unconsciously directs your behavior. Determine if there’s anything to feel guilty about. If so, make things right and move on. Otherwise, don’t give those thoughts any real estate.


  1. Low self-esteem. If you think you’re not worthy, you don’t have the courage to access your power. You can continue to wallow and feel sorry for yourself or you can pick yourself up and start again, even if it’s baby steps. Progress is progress, no matter how small.


  1. Greed. When you go after something you don’t need, you’re redirecting power from fulfilling what you’re here to do.


  1. Enabling others. This happens in the name of compassion when you want to help someone so much, you relieve them of their accountability. In trying to prevent them from experiencing discomfort or harm, you’re actually supporting disempowering them – and giving away your own energy.


Fear is at the root of all of these. Fear’s function is to alert you to danger so  you can respond accordingly. But when your ego’s survival is threatened because you are growing and changing, allowing fear to dominate will only hold you back. Best thing to do in those cases is to acknowledge it, thank it, park it and move on.


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photo credit: ralphbijker via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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