Branding; Who are You?

We all wear labels. We all form impressions of others based on the labels they wear. The friends we choose, the pastimes we enjoy and the associations we belong to, all paint a picture of our personal brand. Professionally, the ways our brand is reflected include the organizations we work for, our positions in the organization, how we make decisions and how we respond to change.

What happens when those two brands don’t match? And what if neither one of those projects our authentic nature?

Often what we see in others is something we see – or want to see – in ourselves. Based on her book, Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, Liz uses stories and illustrations to explore how we build our unique brand and how in turn, we develop as leaders, role models and change agents.

Although this presentation is particularly suited for motorcyclists, it is easily adapted to meet the needs of any audience.

Join Liz to discover:

  • 7 pillars that build our brand
  • Universal influences that can dilute our brand
  • How to assess the strength of your brand
  • What your brand says about you
  • How understanding your brand makes you a better partner, boss, colleague, parent, friend
  • How much fun and fulfilling it is to be authentic
  • How to leverage who you are and make your brand work for you
  • How the road to empowerment builds your brand


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