Let’s Ride!

Maximize your power and fulfill your greatest potential

We are on a journey — a road trip — along our own path to awareness. Each one of us has been given choices on how we proceed. How we learn to embrace and overcome challenges and reap the rewards weaves an exquisite tapestry that becomes the picture of who we are.

This session is explores our personal, emotional and spiritual path to enlightenment and becoming all that we are: why we’re on this road trip. Our authentic self calls us to travel this road. Fears creates resistance and tries to hold us back.

Many roads converged to arrive at the collective wisdom conveyed within the pages of her book, Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. Liz shares stories that are humorous, witty and poignant. They come from women with backgrounds as varied as the roads they travel. To a one, they are heart-warming and inspiring. They teach us that even though our paths may contain obstacles and challenges, by having the courage to recognize and follow our internal guidance, we thrive.

Join Liz to discover:

  • 7 ingredients essential to the survival of our spirit
  • 7 sources of resistance
  • How to assess where you are on your own road and techniques to do a course correction
  • How understanding yourself better makes you a better partner, boss, colleague, parent, friend
  • The only GPS on this road is your own internal guidance
  • The road maps we rely on don’t show us what’s around the next corner
  • How to embrace and manage risk
  • How to discover and use your personal power to positively influence others and initiate positive change
  • How overcoming challenges in one area of our life transcend to enrich other areas
  • How the road to empowerment develops personal and professional leadership


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