7 Solo Rider Tips on Being Prepared

How prepared are you should an incident happen when you’re out riding solo? How ready are you to deal with an unexpected situation?

View from Campground in OR smRead what these Motorcycle Mojo readers had to say.

How do you prepare?


7 Solo Rider Tips on Being Prepared


  1. Ursula B.  I think the only problem I can see is that I find my bike too heavy to pick up even following the instructions they give You but I would cross my fingers for some guy to help!


  1. Liz J.  Many guys cannot pick up their bike by themselves. One time mine tipped over when I didn’t put the side stand down properly. I was by myself with no one around. I waited for someone to drive by – and flagged down 2 guys in a van who helped.


  1. Noel H.  99.9% of the people I have met on the road, riders and non-riders, are great people. More than willing to help if you get yourself into trouble. Some may laugh at you, (especially if you deserve it and after they make sure you are OK), but they will generally help you.


  1. John T.  No one is ever prepared for an accident, as if you were truly prepared, you probably would never have had the accident in the first place. How you handle things after the accident is the most important, the # 1 thing to remember is to always think clearly!


  1. Doug J.  I do a lot of riding on two laners – my defensive technique is to ride the outside of my lane when meeting traffic. Then back to center with no traffic. Final: try to be the best defensive rider you can be. I use on busy roads (single or multi-lane) is following the 2 – second distance when following a vehicle. Have to keep reminding myself of this one! Keep safe!


  1. Tim D.  I agree with John, would depend on what happened and where, and to not panic


  1. Noel H.  A wise man once told me that if you buy cheap tires then you better buy an expensive helmet because you are going to need it.



What tips can you share?




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