Endorsements and Praise for Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment

“Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment is a collection of fifty intensely personal stories of women’s journeys through obstacles, desires, self-realization, setback, perseverance, failure, success, courage, excitement and finally joy in shedding fears to open a big new world in which to frolic and share and move through with purpose. I recognized myself in many of these stories and you will too, whether you motorcycle or not. It’s all here — bad husbands (and good husbands), supportive parents, discouraging bosses, perceptions of physical limitations, real injuries, societal restrictions, and then, a turning point, a role model, or sheer exasperation and simply getting fed up and doing it anyway. Some of the stories made me cry but then they eventually made me laugh or even shout out loud in congratulations. The writing is exquisite, with each woman pouring her truth and passion onto the page in the spirit of sharing and encouragement. Our tour guide on this journey is Liz Jansen, a real-life motorcycle tour guide, workshop and retreat leader whose own story elegantly leads us through ten aspects of power through mastering the motorcycle, the very real, yet symbolic and spiritual machine so uniquely qualified to carry each of these women to freedom. “
Carla King, author, Motorcycle Misadventures series

“Motorcycles take you out on the road. But sometimes they are the road–to new places within, and without. Here is a chorus of four dozen powerful voices (all individuals, all women, all transformed by embracing risk and joy through riding) singing the same song of truth.”
Melissa Holbrook Pierson, author of The Perfect Vehicle and The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing

“Good motorcycling is a fine balance between precision and passion. Liz Jansen knows this, and has found that balance in this excellent book (“Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment”). Not only does she offer an explanation of a motorcycle’s value by taking us on her own enlightening two-wheeled journey, but she provides understanding through sharing the experiences of dozens of women, from backgrounds as varied as the roads and trails they ride. Theirs are lives well lived, and their stories are metaphors for life itself.”
Mark Richardson, Editor, Wheels, The Toronto Star, author of Zen and Now

“You don’t have to be a motorcyclist to appreciate the beautiful nuggets of wisdom shared by author Liz Jansen and the 49 female riders she interviewed for this book. Motorcycling may be the vehicle by which these women discovered their own life’s path, but the theme of being our authentic self can resonate with each of us.”
Genevieve Schmitt, Founder/Editor, Women Riders Now

“We’re always at the beginning of some area in our lives. As a new rider, I’ve learned how powerful and magical an experience riding a motorcycle is. Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment captures how empowering it is to be humbled by, accept and embrace our limits and masterfully move past them. It’s a perfect read for anyone who’s ready to shake things up a bit.”
Colette Baron-Reid, Intuitive Counselor and Life Strategist, Best Selling Author of The Map, Messages From Spirit and Remembering the Future.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re lying in a mud puddle or perched on a podium; there is an intangible bond between women and motorcycle riding that Jansen beautifully captures as she traces the journeys of a stellar cast. Jansen’s writing is like the women she brings to us: fierce, yet vulnerable.”
Lorraine Sommerfeld, Writer, The Toronto Star


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