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Here’s another received March 30th, 2013

“Just wanted to write to let you know, I just read your book and absolutely loved it. I was at the Harley Garage Party in St. Catharines week and a half ago and became intrigued with you as a rider. I am returning to riding after a 20 year hiatus…I was scared of my first bike and was never comfortable riding it. Your book embodies thoughts and feelings I have had. I did not want another summer/year to go by floating in limbo…I need a direction and new pursuits to challenge myself. Buying a motorcycle  that fits me and I am not scared of was step one. Don’t have it home yet, but soon…
Thanks for your book. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. I could not put it down….right book at the right time! ”
Marie B.  (Rebel With A Cause!)


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  1. I have just finished reading this truly a wonderful book. I will be going back and reading it again – it is one of those thoughtful pieces in which you find new things each time you return. I was really taken with the recurring themes – and not just the power-related ones. As one of the women interviewed it was facinating to learn what others had experienced or the opinions they formed. My frequent reaction was: “YES! – Me Too”. I was also surprised at the number of women who had been affected by cancer. Some of those stories make you want to never complain again – about anything.

    It was also very interesting to learn Liz’s own story. It formed a wonderful backdrop to the vignettes of the other women riders in the book and made me very proud to be included. In this book Liz has shared her journey and opened up her real self – that takes a lot of courage – much more, I think, than piloting a 500 pound 2 wheeled machine.

    This is a wonderful book for all riders, especailly women and most especially new riders because it is not only inspirational, it is encouraging and real. Enjoy!

  2. Hello Liz!

    I have finished reading your book, and wow! I sure wish I had spent more time talking with you at the San Mateo show. I can totally relate to several of the stories, and that sense of power we enjoy. I rode behind my husband for many years before finally getting my license and my own bike about 15 years ago. It was not easy. After many years as a bike passenger, and years driving a manual transmission car, I believed I understood the mechanics of hand brake and shifting. Alas, it was a real learning curve. I took the MSF 3-day course twice. I actually passed it the first time. Then California changed the motorcycle licensing law, and began accepting the MSF drive test, so I then took it again to concentrate more on the defensive driving skills. And I flunked the drive test that second time! Totally choked. Which meant I had to retake that test at DMV to get my license. It was so nerve-wracking, but I did it, on my 1989 HD Sportster. I will never forget the feeling of ultimate triumph as I rode home with my license. I actually yelled into the wind, “No one can take this away from me!”

    Thank you for writing your story and sharing all the others. Yes, they are real and uplifting for all of us that ride on two wheels.

  3. Thank you for an inspiring book. Many of the stories had passages that could have described my own journey learning to ride.

    It’s entertaining and genuine. I’d recommend it to any woman who rides, or is considering it.

  4. I really enjoyed your book – saw myself in it in so many ways. The trying times in the beginning with learning to ride were comforting to read (I’m not alone!). The motivating stories of how women faced their fears and the rewards of doing that were very inspiring. Your writing style is so approachable; I felt like I was chatting with a friend (or friends). I started reading it in the evening on Friday and finished it Saturday afternoon – couldn’t put it down. I think your book will be very helpful to newbie’s like me and I have passed it on to others. I intend to read it again when it comes back. I have wrote down the websites that were in the stories and I will be looking up some of them for sure. Your overall message is very empowering – well done!

  5. Hi Liz,

    WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it…the content, the style and the honesty.
    I read it in 2 days and have been going back to favourite parts and re-reading.

    Although I am not a rider YET, it is on my bucket list which is getting shorter and shorter!
    I certaining hope you write another, I look forward to a sequel.

    Happy trails

  6. Liz,
    It is really neat how your road may be in a totally different part of the world yet it can connect you to endlessly more roads – some worth visiting again.

    When the American Motorcyclist Association Honored me with the title “2011 Motorcyclist of the Year” I was speechless and extremely humbled. I had no idea the doors that could open or the wonderful people I would be so blessed to meet. It starts with a Motorcycle and when you close your eyes and think Motorcycle we all may see it a little differently and the emotions it brings to us are personal and unique – however one thing we can all agree on is a sense of Freedom and Freedom leads to Empowerment!

    I am so happy our roads connected – it was such a joy to meet you and work with you at the Washington D.C. International Motorcycle Show in January. Thank You for the opportunity to share my story and the importance of fighting for that Freedom via grassroots efforts and the AMA. That road obviously led me to your book and the wonderful bonus was to have been able to meet you.

    February is usually a dreary month for me (due too the short days, the cold weather and grey skies). Thanks to your book “Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment” as well as the mild winter (which has given way to some awesome ride days!) I have made it through and with a smile on my face!

    I have so enjoyed your book. I have been riding for over 20 yrs on and off road and I loved the shared stories of these great “Empowered” women.

    Your story shaped the book so wonderfully with your personal threads woven in creating such great chapter subjects.
    One of the stories that really stood out to me was in Chapter Six, Connecting With Spirit “Meg Thorburn”. As with all those great women I really admired her spirit and tenacity.

    We are a force!

    In Freedom,
    Nancy Sabater

  7. Thank you so very much, Liz, for assembling this amazing group of stories from such an amazing group of women! I am so proud to be a part of such a fabulous community. Many of the experiences shared in this book spoke to my own experiences, and I have come away feeling a sense of pride and power. Through these stories and your own words, I am encouraged to seek my own road and embrace my own unique style of riding based on my stregths and weaknesses. There is a place for us all on the road.
    I am a relatively new rider, and have stuggled with many of the issues presented within these pages. Hearing real-life tales from real-life riders makes me realize that I am not alone. A thousand thank-yous and congratulations! Your book holds a truly special place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

  8. Firstly I would like to thank you Liz for taking the time to ship me two copies of your book so I was able to read it. I have finished the book and really enjoyed it. I did wish as I was reading it that I had been able to read the book whilst I was taking my bike test as this would have really helped me through the challanging times and just reading about other womens experiences and often that they have been through the same feelings is such a big help. I think all bike training centers should stock it and hand out a copy to all ladies to help them through the early stages. The book flowed well and I enjoyed being able to pick it up and maybe just read one inspiring story. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to reading any further books you write. thanks

  9. Got your book as a xmas gift from one of my riding mentors .I have 3. How sweet of him to give me such a thoughtful and right on gift,
    I got my full liscence last Aug. I had shared many of the strugles every one else experienced. Learning to ride again on a Harley sporty 1200 was a bit of a challenge for a 5’1″ woman, but I have done just that and thanks to encouragement from your book and my riding buds I’ll never be lookin back.
    I love the ride, I love to read about the ride and it’s only getting better everyday.
    Thanks again this book is a must for every womwn who has lost her wild side to duty and responsibility
    Donna Boudreau

    • Many thanks Donna! Congratulations on your accomplishment. This is an amazing adventure which is just beginning!

  10. Liz, I loved your book.

    The amazing stories of women, their jouneys, their trials, their accomplisments and mostly their empowerment because of a motorcycle in their lives.

    To sit back and look at yourself and be comfortable with who you are and what you do, even if you do not have a man in your life, you can and will know that you will be alright.
    Yourself, your motorcyle, the road, the wind, the travel, even if destinations are unknown, things will happen and you will survive.

    Your honesty is truly appreciated.

    I look forward to the next book.

  11. Just finished your book, WOW!! I feel so in tune with so many of those ladies, I have taken the book to a friend who really needs to read it. Not because she needs to ride a motor bike, beacause she needs to know other woman have simalar stories and survived.

    • Thanks Catharine. Much appreciate your feedback and wish the best for your friend. Glad to see that the book is reaching beyond the motorcycle crowd.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Stephanie and appreciate your kind words. It was an amazing experience to write it and meet all those women. The truth is, we all have amazing stories to share. It’s a wonderful community. Thank you.

  12. I enjoyed the first stop on the tour. I am beginning to see the connection between life and motorcycle riding. As I get back into riding this spring – my first spring as I got my license and bike last August – my confidence is coming up and I’m beginning to relax and really enjoy the ride. Hearing about our first stop speaker’s reservations, fears and anxieties really resonates. Sometimes it just means so much to know that others share your emotions too and we can each move forward through those emotions.

    • Thanks Kelly. I’m glad that post was meaningful to you. That speaker was me and the reservations I was talking about was after 30 years of riding! Rest assured that your feelings are normal and the best way to keep your confidence up is to get out there and ride!

      Here’s to a great riding season!!


  13. Liz, your book is the first collection of a diverse set of motorcycling women that I have come across. I enjoyed the different perspectives and the common thread of how a passion for motorcycling shapes a positive outlook and prepares you for an interesting life. I bought the kindle version and look forward to easy access when I need an inspiring story to remind myself how fortunate women motorcyclists are and how we live an enthusiastic and colorful life..

    • Thanks Ginger. The messages are universal and readers tell me they identify with the stories, whether they’re riders or not; male or female.

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