Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tour

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Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment went on a virtual tour in the Spring of 2012. One of the nice things about such an event is that you can recreate it anytime by visiting the host websites.  Prepare yourself for  adventure, self-discovery and inspiration. Like a treasure, its message is so potentially life-altering, it must be shared.

I was honored and humbled by the outstanding hosts who participated and thrilled to introduce you to them. All exceptional leaders and experts in their respective fields, they  generously engaged their time to promote the message of the book.

This tour was a fitting celebration of spring, renewal and that special bond that exists amongst like-minded travelers.  In that spirit, the tour dates were bookended by my birthday – May 9 — and the first full day of summer – June 21.

Meet Your Hosts



Wed. May 9 – Stop 1 of Book Tour – 7 Steps for Adventure Travel

In the first tour stop at Motorcycle Misadventures, the topic is 7 Steps for adventure travel and how to get past fear and delight in the trip!  This Road can take you around the block or around the world.  It always leads back to You.  Read the article here.

Host Carla King was unexpectedly put in a situation where she had to confront fear.  Her response opened up a whole new life!

Thank you Carla for your hospitality – and having the courage to be the first host!

Tues May 17 – Stop 2 of Book Tour – 10 Life Lessons from being a Biker

Amazing Women Rock with host Susan Macaulay and I talk about 10 Life Lessons from being a biker.

Motorcycles and our relationship with them have much to teach us, whether we ride or not. The lessons are vivid and indelible.  Riding encompasses all our senses, including the sixth one.  It engages our spirits.  Misinterpret or ignore signs while riding and the immediacy and potential severity of the outcome are absolute.


Wed. May 23 – Stop 3 of Book Tour – Free Spirit Living

Host Kay Van Hoesen and Amazing Women Rock’s Susan Macaulay talk about How to Live Free Spirited.

Listen to the interview here!





Thurs. May 24 – Stop 4 of Book Tour – Review, Chat and Giveaway

This Virtual Book Tour stop takes us to the Commuting Motorcyclist – Bud Miller.  Read his review here.


Mon. May 28 – Stop 5 of Book Tour – Review and Interview

Diana Bletter, author of the forthcoming The Mom Who Took Off on Her Motorcycle hosts today’s stop on her blog The Best Chapter. Read her review and thought-provoking  interview questions .


Wed. May 30 – Stop 6 of Book Tour – #Motochat on Twitter

#MotoChat on twitter hosted by J.Brandon @americansahara and Rania Madanat @MadSocial


Mon. June 4 – Stop 7 of Book Tour –  5 Truths and 5 Common Myths about Personal Power

Here Women Talk Blogzine,  finding more life lessons taught by motorcycles.  This article explores 5 Truths and 5 common myths about how we access our personal power.


Thurs. June 7 – Stop 8 of Book Tour – Survive and Thrive

Lisa Haneberg, is a business writer and organizational development practitioner – and the host of this book tour stop.   Survive and Thrive; 10 Life Lessons from Motorcycles,  links life, success and  motorcycles.


Tues. June 12 – Stop 9 of Book Tour – Online Radio

Online radio interview on Side Stand Up.  Host Tom Lowdermilk and Denise Maple, owner of Vavavroom women’s apparel,  talk about Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment.

The show is archived on the  Side Stand Up website.  You can download or listen on itunes.  My segment is about 30 min. in.

Tues. June 19 – Stop 10 of Book Tour – Motorcycle Mojo Magazine FB Chat

Facebook chat on Mojo’s Page, posting 5 Questions about motorcycling and our relationship with it.


Thurs. June 21 – Stop 11 of Book Tour – Web and Phone Simulcast

Live chat about motorcycles and how they change our lives.  Fifteen of the women featured in Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment will join in on the call!      

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