VBT – Gift Basket

Gift Basket 

An appreciation gift comprised of contributions from blog hosts and others will be drawn at the end of the tour.  There are a number of ways to enter your name. Each of these gets you one entry:

  • A relevant comment on my blog to the subject of the day – i.e. adding your own experience, commenting on someone else’s
  • A relevant comment on host blog
  • Becoming a twitter follower for @trilliumliz (me)
  • Tweeting about a topic relevant to the book and/or tour and using the hashtag #WMRE50
  • FB likes on the VBT Page
  • FB like on the Liz Jansen Speaks page
  • Joining my mailing list – either at Trilliumtours.com or lizjansen.com

Note: Email addresses entered on host blogs are not shared with me.

Appreciation for Gift Basket contributions goes to:

  • Motorcycle Mojo – 1 year subscription, “Wo Many Roads” T-shirt, Mojo Crest
  • Carla King – 1 copy of American Borders
  • Vavavroom – “I’m One of those girls” T-shirt
  • MAD Maps – Adventure America Map
  • RoadRUNNER Ball Cap
  • Autographed copy of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment














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