21 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides

Where would you like to travel on your Bucket List motorcycle rides? Who would you travel with?

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Here’s where these Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook fans, want to go.

What’s on your list?


21 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides


  1. Mark K.  From here in BC down to Tierra Del Fuego Argentina would be nice!


  1. Ursula B.  When My offspring get more “grown up” I would like to go to B.C. and take two months to do it ! and definitely not in a straight line!


  1. Roni C.  One day I would like to ride in Europe, with my husband. Take a couple of months and live out of saddle bags and a tent. Go were and when you want to with no solid plans other than a departure and a return trip ticket!


  1. Andrew P.  Ace Cafe in London, Mongolia, well everywhere. Everywhere is on my bucket list.


  1. Tom M. Newfoundland has been on our bucket list for years. This summer, that dream will be realized.


  1. Carla V. The Cabot Trail Nova Scotia.


  1. Fritz G.  On my bucket list is to head over to Ireland and do a grand tour of the Emerald Island, with my bride of 40 years


  1. Tim M.  Isle of Mann and Ireland


  1. Bob E.  Four corners of Canada US for sure


  1. Jeff D.  Rode to the end of the TransCanada West last summer. Now I’m going to complete the highway riding to the eastern end in Nfld this summer.


  1. John T.  HWY#1 along Cali coast! It is just too far to ride there with my holidays, so rental would have to be a must!


  1. Noel H.  Too much to list here but I can recommend Highway 191 in Arizona between Morenci and Alpine. Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming. Highway 31A in the east Kootenays, BC. Vancouver Island, ( I grew up on VI so it isn’t really a bucket list thing for me but it would be). Highway to the sun in Montana, (I liked that one so much the day I did it I turned around and rode it the other way.) Crater Lake in Oregon is neat too.


  1. William H. hey it’s the big potato in Magherville NB LOL


  1. Manon D.  Riding from Zion national park to Bryce Canyon from Ontario Canada is definitely on my list!!!


  1. Kees S.  The top of the world highway, over to Alaska then take the ferry back to BC!


  1. David L.  South African tour I’ve read about, expensive but from the pictures, looks worth it.


  1. Rick T.  From P.E.I. on Saturday to St.Martins N.B. and along the Bay of Fundy mini trail, Then back to Saint John for a overnighter. Then on Sunday do the Saint John River Run with our group the Salt Water Retreads. Should do it in August.


  1. Jeffrey M.  Where there would be some places to ride to on my llist such as the great wall in China, Sapa is Vetnam, maybe even Point Barrow in Alaska or Key West at the other end. But I pitty the fool who has Mr. Potato head on his list.


  1. Suhaymath N.  Any of the following four would be great. Grossglockner in particular sounds pretty enticing!


  1. David .  Going from Halifax to Niagara Falls in early September with our Retreads Group. The Retreads International Rally takes place in Niagara from 8th to the 12th Sept, then its on to Port Dover fro Friday the 13th, really looking forward to it!


  1. Tech Guy I was just thinking Isle of Man (May 25-June 7). Good call on the Cabot Trail Carla.




Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

11 Comments on “21 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides

  1. Have to Ride west, I did east and down to Key West, but everything west of Thunder Bay is missing, ha has to change…. My newest desire is though to ride up north in Quebec, the road towards Labrador as gas as possible…

  2. Hey, my computer tricked me out, wasn’t done, haha! Alaska please as well. For my sake I could ride around for months….glacier highway too, hey, are more roads popping up! Nae, I better stop dreaming now, the white stuff outside just brought me back to reality, haha!

  3. I would love to ride to Arizona (from Hamilton,Ont.) and surprise my son. Also, to ride along the PCH 🙂 I hope you all get to ride where you want to.

  4. Hitting all four corners of the US and seeing the many sights of this great nation at the same time. Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, the Florida Keys, the colors of Maine in the fall, the Rockies, the list is endless.

    • This is the problem Elizabeth – there is SO much to see, even within the United States. I am astounded every time I visit about how much there is to see, do and experience. Looking forward to lots more.


  5. Elizabeth, there is soooooo much to see and ride to in the USA. I am fortunate to have ridden to most of the places you listed and I can recommend them all. As I live in London, England, I can certainly agree that the list of places to see in the USA is almost endless. I enjoyed seeing so many, I wrote a book about my journey. Liz – great list, which generates so many ideas about where to ride to next…..

    • Gary – I took a look at your website – your photos and stories look amazing. Helpful resources as well. You’re so right – so many ideas about the next ride. The challenge is making a decision. No matter what, it’s hard to go wrong – just keep riding!



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