13 Confessions from Motorcycle Shows

What spontaneous purchases have you made at motorcycle shows? Anyone ever come home with something they didn’t plan for? Like a bike?

Bike show season is in full swing and you may have recent experience. We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page.) These riders confess. Add yours in the comments below.

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  1. Mary B. Came home from my first show with a lovely Joe Rocket jacket that I hadn’t planned on. Bike purchase was also spontaneous but wasn’t at a show.
  2. Glenn R. A nice leather vest.
  3. Jeff S. Always come home with something I didn’t plan on buying. Never a bike though. Yet.
  4. Darlene D. None.
  5. Rania M. Nothing really in the past. I have won swag I wasn’t expecting to win.
  6. Mark K. Paddy Tyson’s book! That and a pair of Joe Rocket boots.
  7. Noel H. They don’t have shows in the boonies where I live. Going to a show itself would be unexpected.
  8. Randy B. Oh man…that would be a very long list.
  9. Ian S. Jacket, Gloves, Boots, …
  10. Don S. Your Mag (Motorcycle Mojo) and I am so glad I did.  Love the mag.
  11. Stephanie M. A helmet, when I hadn’t even started riding yet!
  12. Stephanie M. And your magazine.
  13. Danielle D. MMmini donuts.

Your turn. Confessions below.

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4 comments on “13 Confessions from Motorcycle Shows
  1. Barbara says:

    Kate King jewelry, time after time……!

  2. VictoriaD says:

    I was just looking…then I sat on a bike in a show room. Need I say more. I bought the bike!

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