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Freedom to be Me.
Motorcycling and Meditation meet at 1-Day Women Riders Retreat in Mono Centre

Orangeville, Ontario February 8, 2012 – Not only does motorcycling move us along the road, it’s also a vehicle of transformation, empowerment and connection to our authentic self, moving us along our spiritual path. This is the focus of a 1-Day Women Riders’ Retreat being held in Mono Centre on March 3, 2012.  Led by author, businesswoman Liz Jansen and holistic healer, counselor Ila Sisson, both avid riders and Orangeville residents, the event will explore how motorcycling helps us discover and use personal power to initiate positive change.

A veteran rider, Jansen is well aware of the strong sense of freedom, independence and confidence experienced by riding. She’s also aware that many times, we don’t bring those insights with us when we dismount. “Motorcycles acts as mirrors,” she contends, “reflecting back not only our strengths, but engrained thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of us expressing who we really are. Understanding riding is not so different from understanding ourselves. Once we realize what controls us, where our energy comes from, how we tap into it, what drains it, how to balance the myriad of choices and where this realization takes us, there’s no stopping us.”

“Allowing time for reflection can reveal barriers we put up that prevent us from expressing our power,” adds Sisson. “Notions we’ve learned through cultural training about our roles, opinions of others, who we fit in with; myths that we’ve adopted about safety, physical capabilities; fears we have about change, failure, success all influence our self-confidence and perception of personal power.”

Riding a motorcycle proficiently requires confidence, courage, flexibility, an ability to manage risk and a sense of adventure.  This highly interactive day will use a combination of facilitated self-awareness exercises and carefully designed interactive exercises to develop greater clarity, and insights, explore those strengths and identify opportunities to develop them. 

Pre-registration is required at either or Registration is $150 and includes a light lunch. The event takes place at the Mono Community Centre, Mono Centre (just outside of Orangeville) on March 3, 2012 from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Copies of Jansen’s book Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment will be available for purchase.  

About Ila Sisson and Circle of Change

Ila Sisson is a holistic healer, photographer, teacher, counselor, author – and rider – with a thriving healing arts practice in Orangeville, Ontario. She is active in the community, facilitating positive change through her work with individuals and groups.  She is the founder of Circle of Change, a business which speaks to the great Circle of Life that holds us all and the process of change that is asked of all of us as we grow and live our purpose upon this planet.

About the Liz Jansen and Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events:

Liz Jansen, is an author, speaker, coach, adventurer, — and rider extraordinaire who loves riding across the country. She creates experiences that instill a sense of adventure, freedom and community while traveling the transformative road to personal and professional leadership. Liz has worked with individuals and organizations in both private and public sectors. She has recently launched her first book, Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. To receive a review copy or to book the author for an interview or speaking engagement, visit or





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