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Freedom to be Me.
Motorcycling and Meditation meet to Create Unique Ladies Event at CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® of Niagara

Orangeville,OntarioJanuary 17, 2012 – The explosive growth of women in motorcycling is not only influencing manufacturers of machines, accessories and apparel, it’s adding a new dimension to the sport. On January 25th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® of Niagara – 590 York Rd. Niagara on the Lake will host an avant-garde evening workshop for women riders, integrating the motorcycling experience and yoga. Led by author, businesswoman and St. Catharines native Liz Jansen of Trillium Motorcycle Tours, with guest Lisa Scandolari of Lisa’s Yoga, the event will draw on the spiritual aspect of riding to increase awareness of personal strengths.

“CLARE’S prides itself on our community focus and offering unique, value-added products and services to our clients,” says Randy Clare, Owner/Operator. “As a family-run business, our success has come from staying in touch with the evolving interests of our clients. We’re excited about the opportunities this workshop will offer to current and prospective women riders.”

A veteran rider, Jansen is well aware of the strong sense of freedom, independence and confidence experienced by riding. She’s also aware that many times, we don’t bring those insights with us when we dismount. “Motorcycles acts as a mirror,” she contends, “reflecting back not only our strengths, but engrained thoughts and behaviors’ that get in the way of us expressing who we really are. Understanding riding is not so different from understanding ourselves. Once we realize what controls us, where our energy comes from, how we tap into it, what drains it, how to balance the myriad of choices and where this realization takes us, there’s no stopping us.”

“Allowing time for reflection can reveal barriers we put up that prevent us from expressing our power,” Jansen continues. “Notions that we’ve learned through cultural training about our roles, opinions of others, who we fit in with; myths that we’ve adopted about safety, physical capabilities; fears we have about change, failure, success all influence our self-confidence and perception of personal power.”

This workshop will explore those strengths and identify opportunities to develop them. Beginning with specific yoga exercises will create an atmosphere to optimize receptivity. Closing with yoga will reinforce and imprint the workshop learnings.

Registration is free but a five-dollar donation to Gillian’s Place is requested. Copies of Jansen’s book Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment will be available for purchase. To register, please contact Lisa Taché at CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® of Niagara at 905-684-4647.

About Liz Jansen and Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events:
Liz Jansen, is an author, adventurer, — and rider extraordinaire who loves riding across the country. She creates experiences that instill a sense of adventure, freedom and community while traveling the transformative road to personal and professional leadership. Liz has worked with individuals and organizations in both private and public sectors. She has recently launched her first book, Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. To receive a review copy or to book the author for an interview or speaking engagement, visit

About CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® of Niagara
CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® ofNiagara has established themselves as one of the premiere Harley-Davidson® motorcycle dealerships in Ontario. The dealership strives to be involved with the motorcycle community, making appearances at several major local events, and hosts many of its own. The key to any success that The Original CLARE’S Cycle & Sports Ltd. & CLARE’S Harley-Davidson® of Niagara has had over the years can be attributed to their desire to provide an environment where quality products and service are our goal. Please visit or

About Lisa’s Yoga – Lisa Scandolari ~ Devi Kirn Kaur
Lisa Scandolari – “Being on my motorcycle is like yoga off my mat. A meditation in itself. ” Lisa teaches yoga as a practice of reconnecting with our wholeness. She warmly welcomes the uniqueness of every yogi’s experience and supports students in their exploration for meaning and balance in their lives. She loves to share the passion and awareness she has for yoga by teaching and guiding others. Lisa has a great impact on her student’s lives. They are benefiting both physically and mentally and some students, through Lisa’s mentoring have embarked on their own journey of teaching and spreading the joy of yoga to the community. Lisa’s passion for life is conveyed through her teachings that facilitate the healing of the spirit through self-inquiry integrated with the application of precise alignment, meditation, visualization, and mantra. Lisa’s belief is that the awareness between the mind and the energy centers culminate in acceptance and ultimate healing. Taking yoga off the mat, into everyday life is a primary inspiration of her teaching. She emphasizes loving-kindness, patience and compassion as keys to a beautiful practice both on the mat and everywhere she walks & rides. Please visit



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