20 Riders Define What Makes a Good Day Destination

During this week’s chat on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page, we asked fans, “What criteria do you look for in a motorcycle day (one you can ride to and from in a single day) destination?”


Photo credit: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Here’s what they had to say. Tomorrow we’ll name their favorite destinations.


20 riders define what makes a good day destination


  1. Ursula B. I like to mix my route with highways for a bit of speed and winding roads for skill practice and hope to stumble across good coffee too!


  1. Darlene D. I take into account traffic flow/congestion. Day of the week and how far I feel like riding. Weather is variable here as well with lots of rain.


  1. Mark K. Being able to get pleasantly lost with enough time to get home. Always have a plan of where you want to go as a guideline only. Anything can happen!


  1. Roni C. a day off…. good roads the possibility of good company, a good cup of coffee and finding the perfect fish and chips


  1. Jenn M. Must include ice cream


  1. Andrew P. I try to keep a list of places I’ve seen or heard about and want to visit. I’m way more likely to go somewhere new than return to a place I’ve been.


  1. Bob E. Scenic backroads with little traffic and a good cafe somewhere along the route


  1. Carl S. If your on a Harley, a place to park your trailer and buy a t-shirt.


  1. Wayne Jr N. Interesting roads & scenery…love being only an hour away from the Rocky Mountains!


  1. Doug J. Looks like all the good stuff has been checked off.


  1. Life is a journey. Must be an engaging ride, because the destination is just part of it, getting there, the ride, is the major part.


  1. Noel H. I’m with Ian on this one. Good roads are what I would want to ride on. Either lots of bends and twisties or good scenery. A place to eat, (I haven’t run into too many unfriendly places lately). I would add fuel stops. Riding a motorcycle with limited fuel capacity makes that important.


  1. Gerald B. how many curves in the roads there and back without hitting a 4 lane road!


  1. Carol C. twisties and the mountains.


  1. Fritz G. A good place to have lunch


  1. John T. Scenery, twisties and elevations, this couples with light traffic roads makes for a great day of riding


  1. Andrew H. I agree with Bob, good backroads and a mom and pop place to chow down.


  1. Randy B. Twisty roads, good scenery a good burger and a cold beer.


  1. Tom M. Good roads, good food.


  1. Ian S. Good Roads, a nice motorcycle friendly place to eat. Emphasis on the Motorcycle friendly.


What do you look for? Respond in the comments below.



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