Get Ready for Spring

Free Live Webinar to Get Ready for Spring

Had enough of winter?

With the days getting longer and the calendar showing March, many of us are ready for that first ride of the season, even though the ground is still white. At least we think we are.

get-ready-for-springIn reality, your skills get a little rusty when they’re not used. And maybe you haven’t got your winter maintenance done yet.

Tempting as it is, it’s wise to prepare both yourself and your motorcycle before hopping on for that first spring ride.

By increasing your knowledge even a little, you’ll surprise yourself with the increased confidence you experience; confidence that carries over to other parts of your life.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who rides their own motorcycle
  • Anyone who is ready to take control of their motorcycle and their own destiny
  • Anyone who is ready to learn something new – about their bike and themselves

In this live online course you will learn:

  • Critical checks to take to make sure your bike is safe to ride
  • Simple basic steps you can take to save you time and money – and increase your confidence
  • How to select a mechanic
  • How to make sure you are ready to ride
  • Spring hazards to be aware of

Course Structure:

  • 30-40 min. live webinar
  • followed by 15 min Q&A
  • live chat throughout webinar

Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday March 18, 2014
  • 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST
  • Session is recorded so if you can’t make the live event, registered participants can download the MP3 recording.

10 Comments on “Get Ready for Spring

  1. I would like to attend… but I have to work that night. Could i register so that I can hear the recording?

  2. I have taken a couple of years off and I am wanting to ride again this year, this will be great to be ready for spring. Thanks so much Liz

  3. Thanks so much Liz …
    Getting ready for spring is so important.
    It is so easy to forget about the dangers of the road when your bike is in the garage.
    Parking lot practice was great advice, on your own, at your own pace, relearning your clutch, squeezing your levers… Im excited !!
    I will be checking my bike tomorrow.. hoping that I wont see any nuts or nests..!!!
    Have a great night.

    • My pleasure Kim. Thanks for attending. I like that – nuts or nests! – lol.

      I’m excited and ready for spring too!!

      You have a great night also!


  4. Liz,
    I missed the getting ready for spring. But thought that I could download it after I returned from work. I use my iPad for everything. I could not download as you require flash.
    Is there anyway you could send the file that would be compatible with my iPad ?

    • Hi – have you tried downloading the MP3 file that’s there now? It’s separate from the slide presentation and should work for you. Please let me know.



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