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Whether you’re planning your first solo overnight motorcycle excursion or have your eyes set on a cross-country adventure, this Get Ready for Solo Motorcycle Travel Multi-media Guide will give you the tools, resources and confidence to do it.


It will help you:
  • Understand what to expect when you travel solo
  • Assess your motorcycle skills to confirm you’re ready to go
  • Recognize common fears that may be holding you back and
  • Develop solutions to address them
  • Assess your physical/emotional readiness to travel
  • Choose the right gear for the trip
  • Assess your motorcycle for suitability
  • Understand how to prepare your bike
  • Know what maintenance to prepare for during your trip
  • Set up your bike properly for a comfortable ride
  • Budget
  • Stay healthy on the road
  • Plan manageable distances and routes
  • And much more!


This guide is the compilation of more than 40 years of riding a motorcycle, including more than one hundred thousand solo miles.

It continues to bring me great exhilaration and joy, which is why I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with you — so that you too can experience it too.

While it takes a great deal of courage to set out on your own, the fears that pop up are usually based on anticipation of events that never transpire.

Rarely, if ever, are they attached to reality. Once you’re out of your driveway, they’re overshadowed by the exhilaration you feel at being out on the open road. Alone.


The secret is in preparing yourself physically and emotionally, prepping your motorcycle, having an idea of what to expect and planning. That’s why this Get Ready for Solo Motorcycle Travel Guide is so useful.

This trip is your own and each experience will be unique. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

“Enjoyed it”? [Get Started with Solo Motorcycle Webinar] It revs my adventure receptors. The winter will be filled with dreaming and planning.” Grace Cho, MSc, CPCC  @SeismicCoaching


Get Started with Solo Motorcycle Travel

Multi-Media Guide

Get Started Solo MMYou will benefit if you’re:

  • Preparing for a solo motorcycle trip this season
  • Planning a solo motorcycle trip down the road
  • Considering whether or not a solo trip is for you
  • Tired of waiting for someone to travel with and not willing to put off your travel
  • Ready for a life-changing experience that will boost your confidence, self-awareness and self-worth  – all attributes you can use for success in any area of your life.



“I’m planning a solo trip this summer. I have a new touring bike, maps and GPS and the will to want to get out on the roads. I figure, if I wait for someone to go with me, I may never get there. With encouragement through your Webinars and through reading your book, I’ll be heading West!
 Thank you Liz!”  Monet Beard
Course Structure:
  • 4 modules covering all you need to know to get started with solo motorcycle travel
  • Material is scalable – plan for a weekend, a month or a year
  • Worksheets you can use for your personal situation
  • All materials, including MP4 and MP3 downloads, slide packs and written materials are available for download  to registered participants
  • Videos can also be viewed directly on Guide web page


Course Outline:
Module 1 – Intro; Setting up for Success
  • Reasons why people go alone
  • Identify the Pro’s (long list)
  • Identify the Con’s (very short list)
  • Understand the role of fear
  • Identify common fears that may be holding you back
  • Develop easy solutions to to those fears
  • Confirm your motorcycle skills are ready
  • Assess your personal attributes required for solo motorcycle travel
  • Deciding to go!
Module 2 – Assessing your Self and Gear
  • Be realistic about skills and experience required
  • Courses that develop skills
  • Assess your physical readiness
  • Assess your emotional/mental readiness
  • Assess your spiritual readiness
  • Assess your riding gear
  • Choose the gear that’s right for your trip
Module 3 – Assessing your Motorcycle
  • Determine if your bike is the right fit for the trip
  • Set up for a comfortable ride
  • Know what tools to pack
  • Pre-departure maintenance
  • Know how to avoid a breakdown
  • Care for your bike during the trip
  • Plan for maintenance en route
  • Select the right luggage
  • Keep your bike secure
Module 4 – Planning
  • Budget – what, how much
  • Choose accommodations
  • Decide whether to reserve ahead or not
  • Stay healthy on the road
  • Plan your route
  • Decide on daily distances
  • Deal with getting lost
  • Set a departure date

“I logged into your Webinar last night and found it useful and informative. It was an excellent introductory overview for solo riders and I’m sure it piqued a lot of interest and motivation. It all made sense to me.”  Douglas A. Waines D.V.M.

Additional Downloadable Tools:
  • Motorcycle Suitability Assessment Worksheet
  • Gear and Clothing Packing Guide
  • Motorcycle Maintenance and Emergency Items Packing Guide
  • Motorcycle Readiness Guide
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Common Fears & Solutions Guide
  • Budget Worksheet (Excel)



“Although I have traveled solo on a motorcycle for years, it was refreshing to see another’s perspective. For those who have not or are considering their first solo motorcycle adventure, Liz’s [Get Started with Solo Motorcycle Webinar] presentation is right on the money for getting started. See you on the highway!” Brent (D. Brent Miller), Publisher of Sojourn Chronicles
Course materials include:
  • MP3 audio recording of each module
  • MP4 video recording of each module
  • PDF downloads of all slide packs
  • PDF downloads of all materials, guides and worksheets
Price: $19.95 USD

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