The inward journey of discovery is the hardest, yet simplest, most meaningful and joyful journey we can take in this life. We have evolved to a place that is so far from our natural condition, it’s difficult to sort out who we really are. I’m honored and thrilled to offer new tools, aka medicines, which have made such a difference for me, I’m now integrating them into my work so that you might benefit from them too, if you choose.


How Illuminations Help You

The ancient and proven Illumination process helps you energetically release past events that no longer serve you, move beyond blocks, repeating patterns, emotional pain and into the life that is your natural state – one of meaning, joy, happiness and purpose. Through this process, you can shift your energy to be more present and available for life, instead of wasting it on fear, doubt or worry.

Shamanic wisdom purports that you define who you are by who you’re becoming, not by what you were. Illumination helps you see and understand how to restore balance in all areas of your life. It helps you embrace who you’ve been, who you are and who you’re becoming. Since you are each souls here on your own journey, to be most effective, you must follow the calling of your heart. This is the greatest solo journey you take.

Illumination helps you:

  • Identify and recognize what’s holding you back and how to get past it
  • Get ride of the emotional charge around painful events in your past
  • Organize the situations you attract
  • Recognize the patterns in seemingly unrelated circumstances
  • Reorganize your life in the direction you want
  • Change how you live and die.

Each of you has your own calling and your own medicines — gifts with which to heal yourself, and with which to serve. You have a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience to share with others. What’s important is to live the life you were meant to live, not what you think it should be or what others think you should do.

By learning to heal yourself, you can change your life and become the best you can be!


What the Illumination Process Is

Having researched and studied empowerment, enlightenment and personal growth for years, it was my honor to attend an intensive study program, exploring indigenous shamanic wisdom, based on the teachings of Alberto Villoldo/The Four Winds Society, learning to discover my own attachments to the past and how they prevent me from being all that I can be.

For tens of thousands of years, indigenous people around the world have held a close relationship with all of creation – the earth, stars, sun, animals, rocks and humans. In spite of regional variations, shamanic wisdom teaches that all of creation is made of energy – vibration and light – and shares a connection to the same Source. The power that orbits the planets around the sun, creates the galaxies, fuels the sun and makes the seasons flow through a precise cycle is in each one of us. Mostly untapped.

Held together by a powerful lineage, and delivered by trained practitioners, Illumination helps you connect to your Source and use that energy to create a powerful and meaningful life. Note that you can substitute whatever your call your higher power: God, Spirit, Universe, Allah. The name matters not.



How Illumination Works

It’s a very simple process, and one that can re-acquaint you with who you are, what you’re here to do and your relationship to all other living things. As a practitioner, I create the safe sacred space for you to heal yourself.

It’s a collaborative, co-creative process, done in 1:1 sessions, either in person or virtually.


For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact me directly at or 519-943-1131.


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