Motorcycle Camping Made Fun and Easy Webinar

IMG_2268 KLR campsite smI’ve done lots of backcountry camping, mostly during canoe trips into the Canadian wilderness. I love it! But I didn’t feel the same way about motorcycle camping. Until last year. I always felt that after a day of riding in the elements, I wanted to be somewhere easy, comfortable and relaxing.

Last summer I planned to be on the road for an extended period of time and knew that motelling it just wasn’t in the budget. Besides, I’d started back into moto-camping in the last few years and had really enjoyed it.

Now I wonder why I didn’t do more of it sooner! It’s fantastic! It’s fun, way less expensive, you see the stars at night, and you meet the nicest people. Even if you’re alone, as I often am, even better! The secret is in a little planning, and having the right camping gear.

I’m excited to share my experiences so you too can start enjoying moto-camping more. Don’t wait as long as I did to get started!

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who is thinking about motorcycle camping and wants to know how to get started
  • Anyone who has tried moto camping and not enjoyed it
  • Anyone who wants to improve their moto-camping experience
  • Anyone who is ready to take moto camping to the next level
  • Anyone who is ready to make the most of their moto travels

IMG_2275 campsite smIn this live online course you will learn:

  • How to decide if and/or when moto camping is for you
  • How to get started, beginning with the essentials
  • What and how much to take with you
  • How to pack your motorcycle for camping
  • How to select your clothing
  • How to sleep comfortably
  • What to look for in a tent
  • How to find the campsite that’s right for you
  • How to stay warm and dry
  • When to head for a motel
  • And much, much more

Course Structure:

  • 30-40 min. webinar
  • followed by 20-30 min Q&A via live chat
  • live chat throughout webinar

Date and Time:

  • Tuesday April 22, 2014
  • 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EDT
  • Video replay is available to registered participants for 5 days
  • Audio MP3 recording is available for download to registered participants
  • Handouts

Registration is now closed. Watch for more upcoming webinars!


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