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Whether you’re thinking about learning how to ride a motorcycle or a new rider feeling a bit overwhelmed by the new world you’ve entered, this New Motorcycle Rider Multi-media Guide will give you the tools, resources and insights to ride with confidence.

You will:
  • Confirm if becoming a rider is right for you
  • Recognize common fears that may be holding you back and
  • Develop solutions to address them
  • Know what to budget for and how much to set aside
  • Know what gear you need to get started.
  • Know where to look to find others to ride with
  • Select the gear that’s right for you
  • Understand what maintenance to expect on your bike
  • Learn how to select the retailer that’s right for you
  • Learn how to select the right mechanic
  • Learn how to select the bike that’s right for you
  • Understand the types of rider training courses that are available
  • Know the questions to ask when enrolling in a training course
  • Plan for continuous learning


how-to-ride-a-motorcycleNo matter how strongly your desire, beginning to ride as an adult takes a great deal of courage. You’ve had a lifetime to hear about what will happen to you, what others will think and a whole plethora of other reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Yet that voice inside that’s urging you to try it, won’t let up until you listen.

Sorting out what to look for in gear, how to select the motorcycle that’s right for you and deciphering the terminology can make it seem like you’ve entered a foreign country. One where it seems like everyone except you understands the language. Once you get into it, it’s surprisingly simple. It takes a bit of knowledge, patience and persistence.

Aside from experiencing the joy of the ride, is the difference it will make in your life. You’ll immediately notice an increase in confidence, freedom and independence – all attributes you can take with you in all parts of your life. And you’ll join an incredible community of like-minded others who share your interest – and sense of adventure.

The secret is in preparing yourself physically and emotionally, having an idea of what to expect so you can make informed choices about motorcycles, training and gear — and planning. That’s why this New Motorcycle Rider Multi-media Guide is so useful.

This life journey is your own and each experience will be unique. Your amazing adventure is just beginning!


“Thanks Liz for the excellent detailed webinar!!  You had a good mix of detail but not too technical and kept it light enough for everyone to understand.” Jean Hutcheon 


Get Started MMNew Motorcycle Rider Multi-Media Guide


You will benefit if you’re:
  • Considering learning to ride a motorcycle
  • Already a new rider and wanting to know more about
  • Questioning what kind of motorcycle to purchase
  • Wanting to know about how to care for a motorcycle
  • Trying to figure out which gear is best
  • Budgeting and need to know what to consider
  • Tired of waiting to get started and not willing to put off your time for adventure
  • Ready for a life-changing experience that will boost your confidence, self-awareness and self-worth  – all attributes you can use for success in any area of your life.


“I really appreciated the statement about the choice of letting fear prevent you from moving forward or using its energy to push past it, that we should accept fear, be grateful for it and embrace it! Although there was much more good stuff that I took away from the webinar, that alone was worth the entire hour!” Ginny Bair


Course Structure:
  • 4 modules covering all you need to know to get started with riding
  • Worksheets you can use for your personal situation
  • All materials, including MP4 and MP3 downloads, slide packs and written materials are available for download  to registered participants
  • Videos can also be viewed directly on Guide web page
Course Outline:
Module 1 – Intro; Setting up for Success
  • Confirm desire  to ride
  • Recognizes reasons to wait before learning to ride
  • Common fears
  • Move past fears
  • Budget for motorcycle – new vs used
  • Budget for gear – prioritize what to get first
  • Budget for maintenance
  • Budget for insurance
  • Find others to ride with
how-to-ride-a-motorcycleModule 2 –Selecting the Right Gear
  • Know what to look for in gear
  • Get the most protection
  • Get the right fit
  • Start with the basics
  • Dress for the weather – hot, cold, rain
  • Opt for additional protective equipment
Module 3 – Purchasing your Motorcycle
  • Buy for now
  • Consider new vs. used
  • Choose the right retailer
  • Understand the maintenance requirements – and costs
  • Do your homework
  • How to select a mechanic
  • Get acquainted with your owner’s manual
  • Do it yourself preventative maintenance
  • What to look for on a pre-ride checks
  • Distinguish different types of motorcycles
  • Select the motorcycle that’s right for you
Module 4 – Training
  • Select the course that’s right for you
  • Select the school that’s right for you
  • Know the questions to ask about the course
  • Practice on your own bike
  • Plan for continuous learning – know what’s available
  • Build your confidence and skills
  • Plan the next steps
  • Go!
“Great session.  You handled it professionally and gave lots of good advice. I’m looking forward to the next one.” Doug Armstrong
Additional Tools and Resources:
  • How to select gear – from head to toe
  • How to purchase the right bike for you
  • How to select a mechanic
  • Gear and Clothing Packing Guide
  • Simple steps for routine checks you can do yourself
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Common Fears & Solutions Guide
  • and much more
“”Thanks Liz, very uplifting. Having faith in ourselves is something to remember. We can do more than we imagine!” Karen H.
Course materials include:
  • MP3 audio recording of each module
  • MP4 video recording of each module
  • PDF downloads of all slide packs
  • PDF downloads of all materials, guides and worksheets
Price: $19.95 USD

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