16 Rider Tips to Extend Your Riding Season

What tips or tricks do you do to extend your riding season (eg heated grips, winter gear)?

Taken from a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page, these riders weigh in on what worked for them.


  1. extend your riding seasonChris T. Gortex pants, and snow mobile gloves… Living in Toronto, I only didn’t ride in Dec, Jan and Feb last winter.
  2. Mark K. Heated grips and heated vest are a must. I made an on off switch for my vest so I can turn it on as needed. I also love my MEC gaiters.
  3. Jean P. Rain gear under my riding pants and layers under jacket, winter gloves.. Gaiters might solve my cold ankle problem
  4. Chris L. Don’t. Bike goes into storage at end of October.
  5. Leslie S. Buff on the head, heated liner and gloves…warm socks.
  6. Ken M. Lined blue jeans and my fall riding gear in general.
  7. Bren B. Just my heated gloves. I have a heated vest but haven’t used it.
  8. Ursula B. Leotards, jeans ,fuzzy socks, ski pants ,turtleneck ,thin leather jacket covered with my thick leather jacket and snowmobile helmet and gloves … I think that is it. 🙂
  9. Across and Abroad: The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure & Travel Blog Oxford heated grips, Blackjack heated vest, BMG Adventure Jacket & Pants and living in southwestern BC.
  10. Holly M. Wow, love this bike! I just received the same one from my dad and just have to tune it up and get it ready for next spring. Definitely going to have to get the heated stuff!
  11. Tom M. Heated grips rock!
  12. Glenn R. 99 cent shake things that heat. And a snow suit that floats! You never know.
  13. Janice M. Heated jacket liner, heated gloves and heated grips (so I have a choice), chaps for me and engine guard chaps….they make a world of difference!
  14. Randy M. Don’t forget the most important thing to maximize you riding PUT GAS IN THE TANK.
  15. Monet B. I have heated gear; gloves and jacket.. and heated grips. I was able to ride all winter last year. I plan to keep riding as long as possible this year as well.
  16. Wendy C. I break out the lined gloves and pants, and warm jacket. And every year my goal is to ride until at least first snowfall. As for when the snow is on the ground that is the time I like to start pulling the bike apart and working on her for next year.

Riding safely in cold weather requires the proper apparel to keep you warm and dry. You also need to stay hydrated and alert. The electric gear that now covers me from neck to ankles keeps me toasty in below freezing temperatures without adding a lot of bulk.
Photo Credit: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine




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