10 Tips to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

You’ve waited a long time for spring to arrive. You’ll be putting a great deal of trust in your bike to provide a safe and enjoyable ride. Before venturing out for the first time, carry out these checks to get your motorcycle ready for spring.

Remember; always refer to your owner’s manual for guidance for your own specific motorcycle.


10 tips to get your motorcycle ready for spring


  1. Check the condition of tires for hardness, flat spots, and cracks. They should be OK if you followed our winterizing instructions – however, it’s always good to make sure.


  1. Check  tire pressure and make sure it’s at the recommended setting. Tires can lose air pressure with time, especially in cold weather.


  1. Check for fluid leaks before and after you’ve started it for the 1st time. Do the full circle check, inspecting hoses, cables and fluid levels and ensuring all the lights and turn indicators are working.


  1. Change oil and filter if you didn’t do it in the fall.


  1. Examine battery and make sure it is fully charged and topped up (if appropriate). Check the terminals and leads to make sure they’re secure and free of corrosion.


  1. Check bike’s tool kit. Make sure tools are clean, free of rust; double check to make sure everything is still there and replenish if necessary. You may want to add a few small frequently used items that aren’t in your kit, such as an air pressure gauge.


  1. Check chain tension. Make sure the chain is clean and well lubricated.


  1. Make sure to unplug your air filter intake and exhaust pipe(s) before starting your bike (if you plugged it to prevent unwanted winter visitors).


  1. Make sure the gas supply is turned on and that your gas is in good condition.


  1. Look at your brake pads and confirm that they are not worn.

Bonus: Even if your bike didn’t rust over the winter, to varying degrees, your skills will have. Ease back to riding gently and practice braking and maneuvering in a parking lot.
Reprinted from March 9, 2012



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