13 Reasons to Keep History Alive

Is it important to keep our motorcycle history/heritage alive? Why?


We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page.) and roused strong feelings!  And touching memories.


13 Reasons to Keep History Alive


  1. Jeff S. Absolutely! With laws and statutes changing behind the scenes daily, we are being “Nanny-stated”, saved from ourselves, more and more each day. What with ‘safety’ standards rising and more and more laws against the types of fuels/exhaust we leave behind us, motorcycling as we know it will change in the future. Let’s not allow it to be outlawed all together!


  1. John T. Exceptionally important! there is no other freedom in life that wiill ever com close to the feeling when you ride your bike down a twisty road! It just isn’t possible! That is how we as bikers, express our freedom, over and over!


  1. Ursula B. Millions of years ago I found some black and white photos of my dad on a Norton and a Harley. When he confirmed that was him the fever started for me!


  1. Roni C. I think it is. I wrote about each day I rode, and about changes that I made to my bike, and about what did and didn’t work. When I have times that I can’t ride, it’s nice to go back and look at what was written. It’s nice to see how far I have come along too!


  1. YouMotorcycle I think motorcycling has always had, and will always have, a distorted presentation in pop culture. From Easy Rider to Biker Boyz *barf* and Wild Hogs *groan*. Commercials, and TV shows make us out to be cartoon people. There’s a lot of history people don’t get, a lot of context people don’t understand, a lot of missed opportunities to make them identify with us, and hopefully be more respectful and responsible in sharing the road with us…Should we try and keep some of that history alive? Yes.Will the Altamonts, more recent bloodshed, and YouTube superstars continue to dirty our rep? Yes.Do some of us keep trying to remember how far the world’s greatest outdoor sport has come? Absolutely.


  1. Rania M. Yes..of course. It is part of other histories outside its own


  1. Steve L. I think we need to teach people that there is more to motorcycling than the bad side. If we show the younger generation the good and fun parts of riding, then it will be passed on and will flourish. My 15 year old can’t wait to get her bike license and I know it’s because of the times we rode together.


  1. Mike P. I can’t think of a better thing to give to our kids. When I was a little kid (3), I used to ride on the tank of my Dads 68 trailmaster 100. It wasn’t till I was 11 he showed me how to ride. Dads gone, but I still have that bike, and its being restored this winter. I have the pleasure of riding (at Clinton Smout’s place) most weekends, and get to pass the torch to my 8 year old. Hopefully he will love it his whole life like me, and pass it to his kids


  1. Andrew P. As much as it seems like holding on to the past is important, I don’t see it working. We need to accept that things will change, and that’s okay, but still be able to remember “back in the day.”


  1. Marc M. For me, motorcycling brought my father and I to a place where we could be more than just Father and Son, it took away the judgment, the pressures of being my father’s son. We came to know each other and understand each other better. I need to keep it alive because I never got to actually ride along side my Dad. Now my sons are growing, I want to be there to ride along side them and pass on the knowledge, the lifestyle and the feeling of riding and working on your own bike. Sappy?? Yeah maybe but it is what it is.


  1. Kevin G. A loud resounding yes. People are very passionate in how they regard motorcycles. They either love ’em or hate ’em…….not many who are undecided. So present all of the history to a) dispel the rumors and correct the mis-information and b) inform feed or fuel the love of two-wheeled machines.


  1. Noel H. History is important if we learn from it and try not to repeat it’s mistakes.


  1. Don N. All history is informative and educational.


What history is important to you?



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2 Comments on “13 Reasons to Keep History Alive

  1. All the ‘kiddos’ these days will hopefully get old enough to find out for themselves what history is all about – memories and life long learning! And guys, have fun making history and memories, enjoy it!!!!! Because that’s what we did as well and now memorize it, damn, did we have fun on the ‘old’ machines!!! Though today it seems more likely you will get on a snowmobile rather than a bike….!

    • Good memories Barbara. Everything old was once new. It’s fun to keep that perspective and retain that spirit!