20 Riders Share Surprises About Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Women and men who are considering riding have lots of questions. Often they’re afraid to ask for fear of looking foolish. Other times, in spite of wanting to learn, they’re afraid of the unknown, but don’t even know where to start with questions.


learning-to-ride-a-motorcycleTo ease the way, we asked the fans of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine to think back to their early days of riding and what surprised them most about learning to ride a motorcycle.


20 Riders Share Surprises About Learning to Ride a Motorcycle


  1. Rania R M. How fun it would actually be.


  1. Mark K. I also remember how much fun this is and that I wish I had learned to ride sooner rather than waiting to be 37.


  1. Mark K. Target fixation. I remember my instructor emphasizing the dangers of it and what is the first thing I do? Hit a pylon. Lesson learned in the safety of a parking lot.


  1. Roni C. That something as simple as learning this skill would bring some much to my life. There was a feeling of grace that had been taken from me when I had an accident at work that left my spine crushed in two places, there were things that I could no longer do. Being on a motorcycle brought back aspects of mobility to my life that I thought that I had lost forever. There was a renewed feeling of grace and ability that gave me a reason to get out of bed and get going again!


  1. Tammy P. How a bit of throttle kept the bike upright.


  1. Russ C. That the more


  1. YouMotorcycle Biggest surprise? How many times I could crash and never die… unlike my mother’s friend’s neighbour’s dog walker’s sister’s ex-husband.


  1. Doug J. It has been the greatest single experience of my life!


  1. Stuart S. That my mother didn’t throw me out of the house when I brought home my first bike. I’m over 50, and I STILL don’t ride my bike when I’m going to see Mom.


  1. Vince S. From the guy who Stuart constantly reminds to turn off his signal light…I learn something new every time I ride. So much to learn, so little asphalt.


  1. Patrick P. I noticed right away that you seemed invisible to other drivers, they would not even look, I almost wondered if they were scared to?


  1. Amanda F. How a bit of throttle can pop a wheelie real easy on those wee bikes (125)


  1. Tony M. How stupid you can be when you don’t pay attention!!! LOL


  1. Tim D. That you could go get your learners permit and then just hop on a bike and ride, with no experience. (Note: This is the case in Ontario but varies between jurisdictions)


  1. Miriam L. that all my appendages could do something different…kind of like balancing on a beachball….


  1. Suhaymath N. As far as riding mechanics go, getting the hang of the friction zone and not stalling was the thing that caught me out. Once I got it, though, I got it. Otherwise, I guess I didn’t expect learning to ride a motorcycle would have such a positive impact on my life.


  1. Stuart H. How it takes complete focus and concentration… and that’s just to remember to turn the signal light off…


  1. Stephanie C. Just how far I can lean into a corner.


  1. Brad G. How, once you learn, you can throw around a 700 pound bike and negotiate a 18 foot u turn.


  1. James M. It wasn’t so hard. Why didn’t we do it sooner?


What were you most surprised about when learning to ride?







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