28 Riders on their Dream Motorcycle Destinations

If you had a chance to travel on bike to a foreign destination that you have not yet visited (by motorcycle) where would it be? Why?

Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.

motorcycle-destinations28 riders on their dream motorcycle destinations


  1. Mark K. A little jaunt down to Tierra Del Fuego is a dream of mine. One thing I would like to mention is that the forum Horizons Unlimited is an amazing resource for international motorcycle travel. Plug for Grant Johnson right there!


  1. Mary M. Ireland. Where my ancestors are from.


  1. Bob E.  the Highlands of Scotland as well


  1. Kevin G.  Would love to tour through Ireland. Been there many times but on two-wheels it would be a totally new country.


  1. Cristi F. Morocco. And definitely Cuba.


  1. Josh E.  East Timor. Driven there, it’s amazing. Huge mountains and crap roads, ADV heaven.


  1. Ralph M. Pan-American HWY- its a bucket list thing


  1. Bryce P.  Pan American. Lifelong dream


  1. Alec S.  Africa


  1. Lindsay T.  Anywhere.


  1. Elizabeth H.  All of them..but specifically, a few months in Europe is next on the list


  1. Manny F. All across Europe.


  1. Brad S. Italian and Swiss alps… because I think the roads and vistas would be awesome and riding in Europe is a dream of mine.


  1. Brian L. New Zealand. Been there by motorhome, want to do it on Motorcycles.


  1. Mike O. Central America!


  1. Dave C.  I suggest Peru.


  1. Robert B. Tibet


  1. Daniel R.  Switzerland. Heard it has fantastic riding and would like to know if it is true.


  1. Karen G.  Now that I think about it…..I have an Uncle in the Czech Republic who also rides, so if I ever had a chance to go there and ride with him, that would be amazing.


  1. Jennifer P.  Mongolia. Wide open spaces


  1. Chantal S.  Ireland…its my dream to go


  1. Lou A. Iberian peninsula – my heritage


  1. Noel H.  There are a lot of roads in Europe that would be fun to ride. A lot of history too.


  1. Bob E.  Europe. I love the scenery, the history and experiencing so many countries and cultures in close proximity to each other. To ride in those areas is certainly “bucket list” material. I once shared a table in a market in Maastricht Netherlands with a Dad and Daughter who had ridden in 5 countries that day!!


  1. Jhana J.  England, to put a lap on top gear’s test track, and see how a 20 year old $2500 Honda Magna would place on the board, considering how close a 600cc bike got to the Ariel Atom…


  1. Keith B.  Swiss Alps


  1. Marc O. Europe for the history


  1. Steve M.  Scotland


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